Fashion… Fashion… Fashion… !

I have always loved fashion. Always.

Even as a little girl, I remember I would earn $1… and immediately I knew I could bike to my favorite store – Sackett’s – and buy a headband. And if I was lucky, there would be a sale that day – 2 for the price of 1.

In 8th grade, I remember being so excited when I finally saved up enough money (I think it was $12 or so) and bought myself a subscription to Vogue Magazine. And each time it was delivered… as if it was some thing made of glass, I would carry it to my bedroom and sit on my bed looking at all the fashions. My goodness… I even remember cutting out things I loved and taping them to my wall. (Right next to Kirk Cameron.)

In high school, it was all about Seventeen Magazine and Guess jeans. They were my must-haves and I loved them.

Even in college… I remember my father would send me some money here and there for “emergencies.” Well, my emergency was usually a fashion emergency. (Sorry, Dad!) And I would venture out and purchase some new clothes – always at my favorite local store, Berks. Berks was the only store at the time that actually sold Uggs and something called “name-brand jeans.”

So it was only natural for me… after graduating from college, to look into the fashion world. Truth be told, I wanted to combine fashion with TV. How to do that? How to do that? My thought process… go to NYC. And this is how it went down… I drove to NYC – got the yellow pages from a local coffee shop – went to Kinkos and LITERALLY photocopied all the contact information for every single fashion house in NYC.


Do you want to know how fate plays a part in life?

I ended up sending out my resume to 43 fashion houses in all – big and small. But, accidentally, when I was in NYC THAT ONE DAY, I mailed out one resume to New York City with my Rhode Island contact information. My husband and I hadn’t moved to NYC yet – so I didn’t have a NYC phone number – yet! The next 42 resumes I sent contained my New York City contact information.

I heard back from Donna Karan (after saying prayers upon prayers and wishes upon wishes!) 3 days later. I set up an interview for the following week. I was hired as one of Donna Karan’s Personal Assistants. Not bad for my first job out of college. I got to see an international icon work and create every single day. I got to see Donna do interviews and sketch and prepare for Fashion Week. It was the most incredible experience. After a year… it was time to move into another position in the company… and for the next 6 years I remained immersed in the world of fashion from every perspective, learning each day from all the designers, executives, buyers, marketers, publicists, merchandisers, vendors, celebrities and customers.

Now the fate part? Where does that come in? After I got the job at Donna Karan, I filed away all of my resumes. I almost fainted when I realized I had sent out the WRONG phone number on every single one of my 42 other resumes with my New York City contact information. I remember the last 4 digits of my phone number were 4778. I sent out the digits 4788. No wonder I didn’t hear from any of them!

I immediately called the “wrong” number to see if I had received any calls… curiousity got the best of me! Well, I was greeted with someone swearing at me and telling me how annoying it had been to be fielding phones calls for me for the last 2 weeks.

Donna Karan was obviously where I was meant to be.

So here I am now. Married. Mother of 4 boys. I’m not in the Donna Karan world anymore. I am not able to see the fashion world buzz around me every single day.

But I love the world… it has never gone away.

Fashion has just taken on a new meaning. It’s dressing me, now as a mother. As a 30-year old woman. It’s dressing my 4 beautiful boys. And loving when I find the coolest outfits for them. It’s being conscious of prices. And being able to search the internet for the best online stores and boutiques.

It’s knowing that even though I am married and a mother… that clothing creates an image of who you are. Whether you are going for chic or comfort. Just think about how you feel when you are wearing a brand new outfit. You feel good. Confident. That’s how we should feel as mothers.

Ahh… fashion. Fashion. Fashion. I love this world. Join me as I find fabulous fashions for you and your family, and give great fashion tips for moms in “what not to wear”! Blogging and vlogging it all!

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  1. I loved reading about your fashion background, and how it has evolved with you over the years. I hope to follow in your footsteps and lead such an invigorating life!

    Today I graduate from college (yippeee) and I have interest/skills in fashion, social media and blogging. Your post inspired me to get out there and see where the winds of fate take me. Thank you!

  2. Wow…So glad you tweeted about your blog and even more glad I came here. What a great story! I look forward to following you more. Thanks. It’s amazing how fate works, isn’t it?

  3. What a great story! Can’t believe the twist that you had sent the wrong contact info to the 42 other companies — it is amazing how fate works. Your story made me smile and I love how you are bringing your passion into this awesome new phase of your life. Thank you for sharing.

  4. OMG….I can’t believe that! Fate at it’s finest:) I knew you loved fashion but I never new you worked there. GAH…you ARE a fashion Diva!

    P.S. I’m so glad to know I wasn’t the only one with a Kirk Cameron poster on my wall…heehee

    Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you include big girls in your fashion finds;)

  5. That’s an awesome story, Audrey! Don’t you love it when it’s so clear that you were in the right place? I can’t wait to see what you have to share! You know I love Stacy & Clinton with a deep and abiding love but I would rather hear real fashion advice from a Mom who “gets it”!

  6. Audrey, kudos on your determined disposition! working for Donna Karan ~ awesome! I too am a fashionista wannabe – I covet my InStyle and Lucky mags every month. Being 4’11 and gulp! days away from being 49… I try hard to carve out my unique style, I think I do pretty well as I often get compliments but we can always use more! I get a kick out of Stacy and Clinton as well and even have my 14 yr daughter watching with me for stockpiling those tips! Sometimes playing around with a new piece funky of
    jewelry ( you’re drawn to it although you don’t know why) can make feel like you’re wearing a new outfit. Play around with new combinations
    of existing jewelry and you feel a tad more like a fashionista!

  7. I gotta lot a junk in the trunk and NO mom jeans for me, I hope you’ll do lots of fashion tips for us moms.

  8. You think that I didn’t know that “emergency money” went for shoes? Remember, I’ve been married to Mom for over 30 years. I know that emergencies come in a size 7 with 4 inch heels!

  9. I so love/hate you right now!!!!! Oh my gosh, what a perfect job!!! And definitely meant to be.

    I was the same as you but my favorite mag was “W.” And my idol was Diane von Furstenberg. I had pages of her fashions all over my walls, too! I was SO sad when I heard she’d passed away recently.

    Looking forward to hearing your fashion advice and learning from your expertise!

Fashion… Fashion… Fashion… ! was last modified: February 9th, 2010 by Audrey McClelland