Ah… something wonderful on ice!

I did something yesterday that I haven’t done in YEARS… and it was oh, so wonderful!

Ice skate.

And what made it “exceptionally” and “extraordinarily” fun (words used by my beautiful little granddaughters to describe it) was that I ice skated with them… Taylor and Maddie.

It started with an idea for a Christmas gift. Barry and I had been thinking-thinking-thinking about what special little gift we could get for our 7-year old cousin granddaughters. I thought-thought-thought about what I loved as a little girl… and that “love” was my charm bracelet. Mine was given to me for my 14th birthday, with a little Happy Birthday charm. Over the years, that bracelet was filled with charms from every occasion and every passing fancy. But one of my favorite charms was my little ice skate. I had spent years in San Diego with my family (my dad was stationed there), and I dreamed of snow and ice and sledding and skating back in New England, where my mom was from. When we moved to New Hampshire, it was a bit of culture shock, but the ice skating made it magical. Little ponds and rivers and even back yards were frozen miracles to me…

So… back to Christmas 2008. Barry and I bought a charm bracelet for each of the girls. We bought each of them a little green Christmas tree with tiny ornaments. We bought our little dancer, Maddie, tiny pink ballet shoes, and for Taylor, our swimmer, we bought a little pink porpoise. Then, for each girl, we bought a little ice skate… and a promise to take them ice skating.

We ice skated yesterday… at the Downcity Providence Bank of America Ice Skating Center. Outdoors. Grandpa, Taylor, Maddie and me… we began in daylight and skated until the rink was flooded with its night lights. It was so warm and beautiful that we shed our winter clothing after awhile and skated in just sweaters. The girls went from novices to beautiful dancing skaters in almost no time as I held their hands and we tip-toed, then stepped, then glided along the ice. Ah… little skaters with their twinkling little charm bracelets.

Ah… something wonderful on ice!

Now Grandpa and I are very excited to add more charms… and more charming days with our precious little granddaughters…

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  1. Your story is exceptionally, extraordinarily wonderful (my discriptives). It resonates with me in so many waysp; Ice skating on frozen ponds and rivers was one of the joys of my CT childhood. I also loved my charm bracelet more than any other gift. I have no little girls in my life so this was the next best thing.

  2. What a wonderful gift! I know they will treasure their charms and bracelets, but mostly, they will remember the time you spent with them.

  3. Sharon, you are just too perfect for words. What an awesome gift! How neat that you can share such a time with the girls and they will never forget this. I think it’s extra awesome too that you and your hubby are still able to ice skate. You go girl!

  4. What a beautiful day… and a wonderful gift! I haven’t ice skated in YEARS, but it’s something I used to do every winter with my dad. I hope it’s something that Luke and I can do together when he is older. I also hope ice skating is like riding a bike, otherwise I’ll be doing a lot of falling.;)

  5. I think this was a GREAT idea! The girls seemed so excited on Christmas Eve to hear their gift.. and then seeing the photos, I can tell they loved it! Now off to the bowling alley with the BOYS! All 7 of them!

  6. I didn’t see this picture when I first read this. You look like a teenager! I just read the tear jerking comment you left on my blog today. You are just too precious for words Sharon! Can I adopt you to be my sister too? I am so glad you enjoyed the picture of my dad. I do know what you mean about praying to your loved ones. I did something the other day that I will share with you. I have my mother-in-law’s old wooden cookie jar that I got after she passed away. It is the cookie jar that she would put the salerno butter cookies with the hole in the middle in. It still has the smell after all these years. I wrote a note to my MIL and put it in the cookie jar. Gee, I miss her.

Ah… something wonderful on ice! was last modified: February 9th, 2010 by Sharon Couto