A New Year. 365 DAYS. Of a brand New Year.

Ever since I can remember, this week in December I do the same thing.

I start getting ready for the New Year. I always get excited for a New Year. As hokey and pokey as it sounds, it is a NEW YEAR. A new time. A new beginning. A new start. A fresh start.

I always feel fearless January 1st. You know that feeling of fearless, where you know and feel that anything is possible – because, after all… it’s a New Year.

Tonight, as I sit here on the couch writing this post, I’m thinking about the year ahead. Questions cross my mind.

What will the next year bring?…

What will the boys be doing next year at this time?…

Will we ever take that vacation to the Bahamas?…

Will Matt and I be thinking about having another baby?… (This has been a theme in our lives for the last 5 years!).

Will I keep meeting my career goals?

And the questions will keep coming and coming… all good questions. I think what I love about each New Year is that it brings accountability to me. I truly feel accountable for my goals and my dreams and my wishes. And I always feel like they can come true.

This year I am bringing my love of fashion to my blog. This year I plan to share my fashion expertise to mothers. We all fall into the fashion-mom-rut… and I want to help bring us out! I loved reading the responses from my PollDaddy.com survey on Personal Style/Shopping Habits of Moms. It became even more apparent to me that mothers put themselves second – far too often – when it comes to shopping and fashion and looking good…

So I am going to make a New Year’s Resolution. 365 Days of Fashion Advice for MOMS. 365 DAYS. Of a brand New Year. Of FASHION ADVICE. Funny. Entertaining. And oh-so-necessary!


Bring it on…

I’m getting ready for you.

December Planner almost put away? Check.

New MomAgenda? Check.

2009 Calendar up? Check.

Membership to my gym renewed? Check.

Resolutions made? Almost done…

But right now, I’m going to enjoy these last couple days of 2008. 2008 brought me my beautiful Henry. It was a very, very exceptionally good year!

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  1. I am so a candidate for what not to wear, so I can definitely use your expertise in this department! I wish I was more like you around the New Year. Maybe it’s my “eeyore” personality, but all those questions leave me overwhelmed. I’m trying to stay positive and the fact that the sun is finally shining here in the midwest helps. I’m thinking of buying those lights to help your mood. Think they work??
    Have a very happy New Year, and I look forward to your fashion advice.

  2. This is a great attitude for the new year! I need to start my planning as well. (So thank you for the inspiration!) With such a positive outlook, I’m sure the new year will hold great things for you!

  3. Echoing what’s been said and really looking forward to the fashion advice. Somewhere along the mom path I seem to have lost all style sense.. ahhh… help!

    All the best for a wonderful 2009.

A New Year. 365 DAYS. Of a brand New Year. was last modified: February 9th, 2010 by Audrey McClelland