A mother’s magic moments…

You know that song This Magic Moment. I think Lou Reed sang it. And The Drifters. You know it…

This magic moment,
So different and so new
Was like any other
Until I kissed you…

Well, I’ve been thinking a lot about magic moments that mothers make for their children. From the very first moments. I’d love to hear some of your “magic moments”… whether from your own mom or ones you’ve given to your children.

I’ll start. I remember when I was 10 years old, and all I wanted was a puppy. My mom said, unequivocally, “No.” As in NO. And for the same old reason every mom says that word… because she would be taking care of that puppy each moment of each day and night. Well, one day a dog that lived near a little variety store that we frequented had puppies. 8 of them. The owner of that little store, the mommy dog and the 8 puppies was anxious to find good homes for the new little ones. Of course, my bothers and I begged and begged to the resounding, “NO. NO. NO,” from our Mom. Then, on one bright June Sunday on our way home from church, my Dad stopped at that variety store for the Sunday newspaper. My mom got out of the car, too. This was odd because my dad always went into the store alone so us kids wouldn’t beg for candy and the like. Then my mom said, “Let’s pick out a puppy.” And she smiled her beautiful smile. What?

We hopped out of the car… but we had already picked out the puppy that we could only dream of. He was the runt of the litter… a tiny brown one that loved to hide under the porch. My dad was soon crawling under that porch for that little brown puppy who we would bring home and love as our baby brother for the next 14 years. Mr. Chips, more commonly known as Chippy.

Well, my mom did take care of Chippy all those years. Just like he was her son… cooking liver for him every night. Walking him. Loving him. Comforting him as he grew old. I was married when Chippy left us to chase his litter mates in heaven… but that moment of my mom saying YES formed a love of animals in me that is almost impossible to explain. And this love has been passed to my own children, and now their children.

That magic moment is etched in my mind. Thanks to my mom, and the giving of herself.

That is magic.

Would you like to share a “magic mom moment” of your own… and pass it along to your mom and your children to read? I sure hope so!

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  1. I have so many “magic mom moment” memories, mom! One of mine… when we lost Cracker and Carmel and you just were not ready to be able to love another dog. Well, I just had to get another one. When you found out I was going to get a dog (littler Ryder!) you assured me that you would help me take care of her, but you just could not make yourself love another dog again. Well, that (magic) moment that I took her to your house and placed her on your front porch… and she looked at you with her little love eyes… and I saw you fall instantly in love with her… that was magic for me. Watching you fall in love wit our little baby girl, Ryder!

  2. That was such a sweet story. I also love Jane’s “magic mom moment” that she shared.

    Boy I have so many also, but I’ll share one about a pet. The kids wanted a dog and so we were at the mall and my husband never had a dog but wanted one also and we all feel in love in with Chow. It later bit my son and we had to give it away. We replaced her with a lab that died 7 days later of Provo. My kids were so disappointed and sad but wanted another dog. I looked in their eyes and my heart was sad and I couldn’t bear to actually get another pet, but said yes. We loved our Sunny until she died and the kids were out of the house.

  3. I am horribly allergic to cats, but my daughter has always adored them, thanks to my mother and godmother. We have two dogs–a basset hound and a Great Dane–so between my allergies and our already full house, my daughter had pretty much resigned herself to getting a cat when she had her own home, and I thought that was it.

    Then my mom adopted a cat from the SPCA that happened to be pregnant and shortly gave birth to 8 kittens. Mom called to give my daughter updates during the birthing process and told her all about the kittens’ milestones. We were planning a trip to see my mom (she lives in Texas; we live in Connecticut) about 8 weeks after the kittens were born, so she planned to keep them all so that my daughter could enjoy them during our visit.

    Then one day Mom called and asked if there was even the slightest possibility that we would consider letting her give Meredith one of the kittens. My first reaction was no–my allergies, my husband’s intense dislike of cats, how to get the thing from Texas to Connecticut, etc.–but I told her to let me think about it. My daughter had just finished a really tough year of school; we are all incredibly homesick for family, friends, and all things familiar in Texas; and if there was ever a child who could handle her own pet, it’s my daughter. As I told my husband, there are a lot of things about her situation that we can’t do anything about–her difficulty making friends, our need to be so far from home. But this was something we *could* do for her. So we decided that yes, she could have the kitten.

    I’ve never seen her light up the way she did when we told her, and my mom was thrilled that we agreed. And when we brought the kitten home on the plane at the end of our visit to Texas, I’ve never seen Meredith so proud. She carried that pet carrier through the airport like it was the most precious cargo in the world, and she loved the attention she got from all the curious passengers. She was confident and responsible and as mature as I’ve ever seen her.

    Katie the kitten has made herself at home in our basement, where my husband does most of the cleaning. She is every bit the friend and confidant I had hoped she would be, and it’s so sweet to see them together. I’ve upped my allergy medication dosage, and we’re all doing pretty well.

  4. My magic moment with my Mom wasn’t from childhood. It was the day we went shopping for my wedding night negligee. “A Mom always buys her daughter her wedding pegnoir, ” Mom insisted.

    We chose it together. It was lovely and elegant and beautiful and chosen with love.

    She was my best friend.

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