A Happy Day…

4 years ago today, there was a swirl of excitement, anticipation, romance and a sense of a new journey in my home. 4 years ago today, my littlest baby girl was getting ready for her wedding ceremony.

Jane. My baby Janie. There is a bit of wonder, and a bit of breath-catching awe, when your youngest child is getting married. I remember that December day. It was New England cold. Still. The bluest sky you can imagine and goldest sun. The whitest gown and the most sparkling platinum headpiece. The rose-colored dresses on the busy bridesmaids and the formality of Daddy’s black tuxedo. The brilliance of the flowers. The wide eyes of the flower girls. The serenity of Jane & Steve’s doggies, as this day would forever change their lives, too.

And my heart. My heart giving another soul the heart that I created, I nurtured and I loved each moment of my daughter’s life. The heart that beat within me. The heart that I soothed, mended and sometimes healed. The heart that loved me. And the love that my heart returned. I think maybe only a Mom will understand this love… this love that is bigger than life itself.

Today I remember that December day and its swirl of delicious colors and candlelight with great joy… and I wish Janie and Steve a glorious day of even more colors and candlelight and joy and love.

Happy, Happy Anniversary Janie & Steve!  (well, almost… read Jane’s post for the real story!)

A Happy Day… was last modified: February 9th, 2010 by Sharon Couto
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A Happy Day… was last modified: February 9th, 2010 by Sharon Couto