Headaches? Sure… I get them, sometimes…

The Motrin controversy stirred many emotions in many women.  I purposefully haven’t mentioned it because I feel it’s been blogged about, vlogged about and chatted about plenty.  But I got an email yesterday from a very dear friend (very tongue-and-cheek-ish) asking me… “Well, what does give you a headache?”  And I thought to myself, “See Motrin, this is what you could have asked hundreds or thousands of women…this easy question.”

And so, for me… these “things” can absolutely bring a headache on in NO time:

1)  Piles and piles of laundry.  Just the mere look at it.  If I’m not always caught up, it piles up and up and up!

2) At this point in my life, one glass of wine. I very rarely go out, not that I was a raging-party-animal before I had children, but right now… a glass of wine at dinner is ALL this BODY can handle.

3) The smell of gasoline.

4) Not having my morning cup of coffee – Or, CupOFabulous!

5) Reading a book without glasses.  The constant squinting gives me a headache.

6) Knowing that I have to clean the bathrooms.  A total mental one, but… ugh, I hate this “chore.”

7) Sometimes the 3AM feedings leave me with a headache in the morning.  I think in general… just being overtired at times.  There are some days when it just all sneaks up on me.

8) Being cold.  Especially right now in New England.  The cold air – really cold – gives me an instant headache.  I’m a definite hot and sunny girl.

So here are my headache toppers.  Nothing too exciting.  But definitely headache-worthy… for me.

What does it for you?

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  1. I can pretty much expect several headaches during “that time of the month”, when a storm comes in, and when I’ve been out in the sun (that’s when I get cold sores, too, so it’s a double blessing!) 😉

  2. I’m with you on missing that morning cup of coffee – dang caffeine addiction. Even though I only drink one cup per day I still need it.

    A few others:
    – Fall clean up. The tractor won’t pick up the acorns and that is some back breaking work.
    – Tea cup rides and Princess loves the tea cup on the carousel at the mall.
    – PMS. Every cycle I get a head-splitting migraine.

  3. getting less than 6 hours of sleep… which has become quite common place in college.

    when i have a test in ancient and medieval european history

    not having my allotted caffeine every day

    when my roommate sings constantly… despite her lovely voice.

  4. Not enough sleep will give me a headache that lasts the whole day. I’m also a caffeine addict and there is nothing worse than the headache you get when you don’t get your morning coffee. I’ve been having sinus problems since the beginning of October, so I’ve pretty much had a constant headache since then. My pain reliever of choice are Advil liquigels though. They offer some relief.
    I too am out of the Motrin loop. I skimmed over some blogs that were talking about it, but didn’t click on the links.

  5. I am with so many others with the missing-the-morning-coffee headache… and I think you already know that! Also, I don’t eat much refined sugar, so too much of that is a deadly headache trigger.

    I used to have 3-day migraines each month, but menopause has cured that… and I’ll take all menopause symptoms over that 3-day migraine any day!

    Hmmm. What else? More than 2 beers in one night and I can feel the headache coming my way…

    And the Motrin controversy… that began to give me a headache.

  6. Not having coffee does it for me, and seeing my work at Dakno pile up (I do html editing and copy writing for a web design and marketing company) That is a necessary headache to fit in around the kids.

    Other than that, I’m good. And if you guys ever decide to come south for the winter, head on over to Mobile; it is still 70 here!

  7. I don’t even know what Motrin is!
    But yes I get headaches too usually when I don’t get my morning tea or coffee (are we all caffeine addicts?), when my arthritis pain is bad, when I’m stressed, when the kids fight, after too much sun, after too much wine, when I have sinus. Oh and allergies.

  8. Wow. Laundry gives me a headache, too. I thought once I became a maven, someone would do my laundry for me. LOL.
    Why are you still feeding your 18 month old @ 3am???

Headaches? Sure… I get them, sometimes… was last modified: July 28th, 2017 by Audrey McClelland