The Man Cold

Kristina over at BabyCenter’s MOMformation wrote about how her husband is a big baby when he gets sick.

Kristina, you are so not alone. It is part of the male DNA, I have come to realize.

Steve has had a little sniffle for the past few nights, and the world has pretty much had to stop because of it. So. much. fun!

I was reading through Kristina’s comments on her post, and I came across a link to this gem of a video that shows just how different the “man cold” is from any other species of cold. I can’t stop laughing… because, unfortunately, it is so true.

Check it out:

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  1. Way too funny 😉

    I totally admit that I’m a wimp when I catch a cold. And I’m sure that I’m no where near as sympathetic towards Angie when she’s sick as she is towards me when I’m sick.

    “Poor little bunny”… Ha! I’ll have to tell @FitChic to try that on me next time I get sick.

    This made my day. Thanks for sharing.

    Scott Tousignant

  2. e-mailing this STAT to my best girlfriends. So funny I almost fell off my roll-y chair. Seriously… It was touch-and-go there for like 30 seconds.