I didn’t know you had a blog…

It’s funny. I have had a blog now for a year and a half. I started it right before I had Benjamin. And it’s been with me, ever since… through it all.

As many of you probably know, there are certain topics I don’t go near. Mostly out of respect for other people. Not that my posts would be negative… but certain members of my family, in-laws included, I do not discuss. And… ahem… my sex life. (I’ll leave that right there.) Everything else is an open book.

Everyone in my family knows I blog. All of my friends know I blog. It’s one of those things that I love to share about my life… here’s what’s going on… enjoy! laugh! smile! cry! share!

So it was amusing to me on Tuesday when I went to my local YMCA and I ran into a few of the trainers there who didn’t know I blogged. Usually I don’t walk in with Mom Generations gear to work out in… so really, there was no way they would know, could know really.

Well, as it goes in this day and age… follow this path to them finding my blog. One of the instructors knows Kristin from one of my favorite blogs, Manic Mommies, from childhood. She’s friends with her on Facebook. And found me there. Viola!

The power of social media, huh?

It’s even more funny because last week Jane wrote a post about her trainer, and well… he was in the room and was happy to tell me that he printed out Jane’s blog post and was going to tease her with it.

And so, now the trainers at my YMCA know about my blog. I think it’s fantastic. I will have to start writing some juicy things about the YMCA and working out. Hmmm… !!

But I love this world. I never thought I would become this immersed in it. This social media world. I’m not kidding when I tell you that I just learned last year how to download photos from my camera to my desktop. And had to be showed 10 times. Slowly.

This world is amazing. The people you meet. The people you connect with. The people who know you… that get to see a different glimpse of you. It’s powerful. It’s amazing.

And yes, I have a blog. I have even been vlogging. Come back anytime. Hopefully I’ll entertain. And I won’t disappoint.

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  1. I am pretty much the same way as you. Most people know I blog so when someone finds out and they think it is top secret it is just funny. Like I hide my blog…lol.

  2. best wishes and such a great blog site. i will be back some how i found you looking for stuff on our sons birth defect esophageal atresia.

  3. I am still leary about actually telling people my blog’s name. My family KNOWS I blog. Shoot, we went on a free vacation because of it! But no one (other than dh) has asked the name… and I haven’t volunteered it!

  4. Speaking of your blog…thanks to the love your mom sent my way, I was able to nominate you for the I Love Your Blog Award. Look at my post today. 🙂

  5. I love blogging too (and your blog!) and the Manic Mommies. They’re up for a podcast award so head on over there to support them. There’s a link on my blog.

  6. I agree! I love blogging, and unfortunately my husband just doesn’t “get it.” I even had a friend’s husband ask why I would want to put my business out there. I don’t think I do. At least, like you, there are certain things I choose not to discuss.
    I have enjoyed getting to know people from my area, and around the country. Like you!

  7. Wow, you’re right….you said nothing is off limits…..lol

    I feel sort of….famous now….I’m sort of new to reading blogs….my friend has a crafting blog that I visit regularly, and I love your find of the day spotlight…I also have a secret obsession….I read Serial Drama, a soap opera blog…..yikes.

  8. I’ve enjoy your blog as well as your sister’s and moms. I’m surprised you haven’t been doing it very long. You are very good at it.

  9. It took me a while to “out” myself as having a podcast and blog. Now I’m pretty comfortable that the world knows,but I still try to have some “rules” since I know my friends, families and co-workers will be reading it.

    Now I have to ask…. who is your YMCA instructor that knows me from childhood?? Small, small world, eh?

  10. Yay for learning how to work “Skip”!!! 😉 It was great finally “meeting” you tonight. Let’s do it again when I look fabulous and not all icky! 🙂 Ok, I’ll be honest — you might want to give me a few hours notice! Your boys are so so handsome! Maybe we do need a little man around this place!!!!

I didn’t know you had a blog… was last modified: July 28th, 2017 by Audrey McClelland