Checking it twice…

We’re leaving in about an hour for Pittsburgh. I’m literally running lists in my head to make sure I have everything for me and the boys…

Hair Dryer
Hair Straightener
Diapers Diapers Diapers Diapers

And this is all for a “quick” weekend trip.

I’ll be Tweeting @AudreyMcClellan away throughout our Road Trip! This is our first time making the 10 hour drive with all 4 of the boys. DUN. DUN. DUUUUNNNN…. !!

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  1. And cell phone! Please! Have a safe and wonderful trip… kiss and hug my guys for me all weekend… and I’ll be in touch on Twitter (and phone, of course. I’m your Mom!).
    Love you all,
    ps please let us all know what dress you picked via photos!

  2. What dress are you packing?!?!

    Good luck. I can’t imagine traveling 10 hours with 4 kiddos. Have a great trip and safe travels. I hope you at least bring along a portable DVD player so that maybe you’ll get some downtime!

  3. Yeah, what dress did you decide on? Have a great trip! I totally feel you on the driving thing. Ugh. I’m sure you will do fine. Way better than I did with my 12 hours from Chicago to Philly. If you have an ezpass or ipass, it makes things go so much easier too. There is a lot of construction on the tollroads though (isn’t there always?!)
    Safe and happy travels!

  4. Good luck! Hope the wedding is great and everyone comments on how amazing you look. 🙂 And yes – don’t forget to fill us in on the dress!

  5. What dress made the cut? 🙂 Have a fun time! We drive 15 hours to Iowa and back twice a year. The best part: the kids are in car seats and are restrained! We usually stop every 3 hours or so. It was more frequent when we had an infant. Have a great trip!!!

  6. Soooo…

    What dress are you wearing?? Or, did you pull something that I would have done and went out and purchased something BRAND NEW, just because I couldn’t decide!

    Hope your wedding was fun! Can’t wait to see pictures minus the baseball cap! (And to hear what everyone said about your fabulous post pregnancy bod!)

Checking it twice… was last modified: February 9th, 2010 by Audrey McClelland