BlogHer Boston, I’ll be back

Yesterday, I attended BlogHer Boston.

I’d never been to a BlogHer Conference. I had just had my baby Henry this past summer when the San Francisco BlogHer kicked off, so it wasn’t an option for me to go.

But Boston? Oh, I was there.

Lisa Stone, Jory Des Jardins, Elisa Camahort Page and Kristy Sammis of BlogHer put together an amazing Conference. It was fun. It was informative. It was organized. And it was a wonderful way to connect and to network with fabulous women.

I brought along my little man Henry, who spent the day wide awake… and going back and forth between wanting to be held, in his stroller or flirting with Chicky Chicky Baby’s, C.C. I was apprehensive about bringing him because I wasn’t sure how many other women would be bringing their babies, but I felt so comfortable and at ease when I walked in and Jory Des Jardins came over to admire Henry in his stroller. Ahh… sigh of relief.

From the Opening Session (which was awesome with its “speed dating-esque” meet and greet – loved it!), to the 3 separate Break-Out Sessions, to the fabulous Charlene Birkeland presentation over lunch, to the Geek Lab available all day, to the GM RIDE AND DRIVES(!)… the whole day was perfect.

I’m a talker. It’s what I do. So I especially loved being able to have the opportunity to chat with as many women as I could throughout the day. Jenna from LeapFrog. Robyn and Steve from General Motors. Laura and Victoria from 360 Public Relations. Sallie from Hooked on Phonics. And Katie and Perri from Playtex Baby. Playtex Baby even interviewed women throughout the day about motherhood. Check mine out:

So BlogHer… I’ll be back. Wherever you are, I’ll find you. If I didn’t have a birthday party today and a family gathering tomorrow – I would be on my way to D.C. right now!

(And, PS – Laura Fitton @Pistachio – you rocked yesterday! My mom was sending notes to herself via Blackberry during your session!)

Thanks, BlogHer, for a day filled with exactly what I needed!

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  1. Very cool, Audrey! I really want to attend a BlogHer conference and these smaller ones are right up my alley for a first. I was hoping to make it to DC, too, but maybe next time!

  2. Great to meet you and the family, Audrey! Give us a shout if you head down to the NY area, would love to meet up again!

  3. Hi Audrey, It’s Miss Hillary from Y swimming lessons…the world keeps getting smaller and smaller! One of my “facebook” friends attended that Blogher conference in Boston and posted a link to the playtex spots on youtube! I saw your spot and was like OMG, I KNOW HER! Just poking around your blog…..I think I will be a regular visitor….very nice!

  4. Hey Audrey, we’re all talkers, aren’t we? Great chatting, hope we keep in touch and on the above, I say #2 the pink. Love it on you. =)

  5. Hey Audrey!
    It was such a pleasure to meet both you and your mother in Boston. Now…lets start planning to get you to the big conference next year!
    Stay in touch!

BlogHer Boston, I’ll be back was last modified: July 28th, 2017 by Audrey McClelland