My "lucky" break…

My day yesterday was a little crazy…

I had one of the experiences where I took all 4 boys to the market, and realized once I was about 2 minutes from Stop & Shop that I had forgotten my wallet. I was not a happy woman.

(Insert variety of curses here.  Use your imagination.)

I drove the 15 minutes back home. Got my wallet. And drove back.

Shopping with all 4 boys isn’t the easiest of tasks. William likes to push the cart — without me helping. Alexander likes to grab every single item he can reach and put it in the cart. Do I really need another pregnancy test, Alex?  Benjamin hates sitting in the seat of the cart. And Henry just hangs out in my Peanut Shell sling. Yup, I’m shopping and slinging. Thanks to my babywearing friends in blogland, I have become addicted to my wraps/slings/carriers.

So imagine my face after shopping for 30 minutes, everything is checked through and bagged and I realize the wallet I just drove back home for is IN THE CAR!

OK.  All 4 boys headed back out to the lot with me to get my wallet, and then back in to pay.

And during this? Well… Alexander decided he was now Darth Vader. So he was making sword noises. And pretending a bagette was his light saber… and proceeded to try to “get” William with it.

The drive home was just as crazy. The boys wanted me to blare Big n Rich’s “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy.” Benjamin had something brewing, which I figured by his “poo-poo, poo-poo, poo-poo” chant all the whole way home. And Henry? The poor little guy must have dropped his binkie half way home because he was not a happy little man.

So where did my lucky break come in?

After dropping all the boys at home with Matt, I went to a local craft store to buy some school things for William. We have to make a collage of our family for his reading group, so I purchased some paper, glue, stickers, construction paper to make borders, glitter and poms poms.

My purchase came to $12.52.

I literally had $12 dollars in my wallet, so I had it out on the counter to use. I had figured everything would come to around $10-$11 dollars. So when the young girl behind the register said, “$12.52 please”… I recounted the cash in my hand (thinking/hoping/praying that maybe there was $13, not $12 dollars — nope).

I looked at the girl and smiled… and said, “I’m going to use my credit card instead.”

She looked right at me, like she is the CEO of the major national craft company and asked, “How much are you short?”

I said, “Oh… the 52 cents. No problem, I’ll just use this.” And I handed her my card.

She handed the card back and said, “Don’t worry about it. Just give me the $12.”


I said, “Are you sure? I don’t mind using my card.”

“Nope… I got it. Have a good day.”

After the afternoon I had had… and then the grocery store with the boys… I wanted to HUG this girl! I was terrified she was going to get fired for doing this, so I booked it out of there – QUICK!

But if she only knew just how much she had made my day… for 52 cents. Hey, maybe she reads mom blogs!

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  1. Isn’t it funny how the little things to mommies mean SO MUCH!

    I am laughing here because my boys love that song too. I always wonder though is it in OK to let them listen to it? LOL!!!

  2. What a sweet girl! And seriously, you are SO BRAVE to go out shopping by yourself with four boys. I try to avoid going out with just my one as much as possible.;)

  3. That was nice of her! You are a brave, brave, woman to shop with 4 little boys. And I think you’re a great mom for doing this project with him. From a teacher’s perspective, a lot of parents just don’t put much effort into projects like that. From this teacher, thanks!

  4. I love it when someone is kind like that. There have been times when I have been that down and out that I would have had to put things back and having someone let me go with what I had almost brought me to tears.

  5. It really is the little kindnesses that make all the difference in our days and therefore lives.
    Glad you got to experience and share.
    I used to do everything with 4 girls- don’t know but I’d take them out over 1 grandson any day… must be easier or maybe I just lucked out since they knew I meant business when I said if they didn’t behave they didn’t come next time- two tested enough that we walked right out leaving a half filled cart, but only once each. l
    Sounds like you had a hectic but fun time. 😛

My "lucky" break… was last modified: February 9th, 2010 by Audrey McClelland