Lost and found

Unlike some four-legged members of this household, my Ryder is not a chewer.

Even as a puppy, she never really chewed anything up or destroyed any of her toys. Instead, she’s always been something of a kleptomaniac.

Well, I guess it’s more that she likes to borrow things and snuggle with them.

I remember when she was a puppy, items would disappear around my apartment. Socks, shoes, bras (lots of bras), slippers… and when I found them I would usually find Ryder, too, her little head snuggled against them.

She never ruined any of these items; she just wanted to be with them.

To this day, she still does this. As a Lab, she is contractually obligated to present us with a toy whenever we enter the house. So if a shoe or a sandal is the only thing she can find at the moment she needs to bring us something, so be it. And usually said shoe or sandal will end up with her under her favorite spot, our dining room table.

Yesterday Audrey brought her 4 boys over for a little visit. William and Alex call my living room “Janie’s toy room” because it has two bins of dog toys in it. Playing in my “toy room” basically means that they take every toy out of the two bins and throw them at each other. At least they’re (mostly) soft. And of course, when they think we’re not looking, they’ll put some of the toys in their mouths and crawl around on all fours “like the puppies.”

In any case, this morning Audrey called while she was getting William dressed for school and asked if she had left William’s shoes at my house. I looked around the house and quickly found one of William’s shoes in my kitchen, next to one of mine.

I didn’t see his other shoe at first, but I had an idea about where it could be.

So I looked under the table and what did I see?

I mean, really. How cute is my baby girl?

Do you see why I have to give her at least, like, a million kisses each day?

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  1. Awwwwwww! She is soooooo cute!! What a precious face!

    P.S. At least she’s not like my Chance. Chance has black lab in his family heritage too. I guess that’s where he gets his quirky traits! One time, when I was still in Toronto, living with “the ex-boyfriend” we had a bunch of guy friends over for hockey night. In comes Chance, parading around the living room with one of my THONGS!!! (It may have been a g-string, but I’m pretty sure it was a thong)! Chance had taken it form the laundry basket and brought it out for the guys to see. OMG…I cannot tell you how embarrassed I was! LOL!

  2. What a cute picture! Our golden retriever takes shoes and leaves them all over the house. They’re unharmed, but it can be hard to find two shoes that match in the morning.

  3. Oh, now that is awesome. That settles it. I am going to get a lab right this second. Well, maybe tomorrow. I had a black and chocolate back in the day and I have wanted another one for the longest time. I LOVE labs. Yours is adorable.

  4. Awww what a snuggler! Mine is a shoe cuddler too, but also a sock stealer/chewer. The cuteness more than makes up for it!

  5. That is such an adorable picture. Our dog used to take our socks – whether they were on our feet or off – to walk around with, toss around, lay on, etc. At least you know where to find things. 🙂

Lost and found was last modified: March 15th, 2010 by Jane Couto Govednik