Lined up and ready to go…

This morning was a little hectic in our house.

By the time I got William out of bed, I realized it was 8:15 am. He needs to be at school at 9 am. Usually not a problem… but this morning my husband had an 8 am conference call, so I was on my own.

The goal?

Get all 4 boys fed, changed and dressed in 20 minutes.

As I got each boy done, I sat him on the couch with a bottle or sippy cup of milk.

I couldn’t resist snapping a photo once we were all done and ready to go. All lined up and ready to go!

Lined up and ready to go… was last modified: February 9th, 2010 by Audrey McClelland
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  1. That is just way too cute!! I love it! And gosh, I really can’t believe our little guys are 3 months old!!! Where did the time go? Also, I wanted to let you know, I got the stroller store strap thing(I cant remember the name now; it’s been a long day) but you reviewed it a few weeks ago-ANYWHO, it is GREAT. I LOVE that my stroller (which is a double, and as you know takes up the whole back of a van) now hangs over that back space, leaving all kinds of room for groceries and such. Even better, I am not embarrassed to have someone from the grocery store help me take my groceries out (greatest service ever for mom) because NOW I have a place for the groceries! Thanks for the recommendation!