90210 Then and Now


Yup, this is what I watched last night.

Besides the fact that fashions have changed a bit…

You know you’re an old(er) 90210 watcher when…

You not only remember when Erin Silver was born. You know who her mom, dad, sister and brother are.

You are actually surprised (and totally happy) that Kelly and Brandon have a son together. (I had goosebumps when that was revealed.)

You smiled when Nat came on the screen. Ohhh… the Peach Pit!

You still know the music to theme song by heart…. but were actually expecting Dylan and Brandon to still do their hand slap thing at the beginning.


You were waiting (with bated breath) for the Brenda/Kelly reunion. Oh, yes. Sad, but oh-so-true.

All in all, it was a completely different zip code.

But come on… it is a completely different world today.

Will I tune in again? Oh… I probably would find myself watching the CW on Tuesday nights again…

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  1. Oh, I have posts rolling around in my head. But the comment about adoptive father vs. birth parents at the end made me spitting mad. My poor husband (who didn’t want to be watching in the first place) got an earful.

    Thumbs down indeed.

  2. Dang it. I missed it. I’m sure they will replay! I missed the later years of the original 90210 but I was totally with it in the earlier years!

  3. I watched the show and was really pleasantly surprised – I’ll definitely watch it again!

    But if they definitively said that Brandon was Kelly’s son’s dad, I missed that. What made you think that it was Brandon?

  4. LOL.. I’m right there with ya.. and totally thinking “am I too old for this LOL” I haven’t watched it yet.. but that is what I was thinking when I programmed it to be taped lastnight. I’m looking forward to watching soon.. sometime when I’m not running around like a crazy women I will caught the Old 90210 on soapnet at 5pm daily. LOL.. does this mean I need help??

  5. I would have to agree with everything you said. I will tune in again next Tuesday. But I missed the part where they said Sammy was Brandon’s.

  6. Oh I watched it! Did you catch in the begining who the news girl for West Bev was? Oh, only Hannah Zuckerman-Vasquez, daughter to Andrea and Jesse!

    I’m pretty sure Tuesdays will find me on my couch tuned in!

90210 Then and Now was last modified: February 9th, 2010 by Audrey McClelland