My son – the business man

Yesterday afternoon there were 3 little boys selling lemonade at the end of our street.

As we drove by, I decided to buy the boys some lemonade.  After all, it was selling for 25 cents.

My total bill came to $1.  I felt so bad for the boys because they were out in the heat selling their lemonade,  and hadn’t made much money (they made a point of telling me), so I gave them each a dollar – totaling $3.

(I know… total sucker, right?)

But the  boys were so appreciative… and they kept thanking me and telling me to “Please come back later!”

(Oh, yes. They’re not crazy… !)

So as we drove off, William asked me why the boys were so excited about the money.  I explained – as best as I could – that the boys were trying to make money so they could buy some special toys by selling the lemonade. They were working hard to get things that they wanted.

Well… William then asks me, “How much money can they make just selling the lemonade?”

To that… I didn’t really have an answer.  So I simply told him that if the lemonade is really good, it will sell and make them a lot of money.

I could see the wheels turning in William’s head as I watched him through my rear-view mirror.

After a few minutes he says to me, “So Mommy.  If I had a lemonade sale AND let people play my XBOX, I could probably make more money than those boys, huh?”

I laughed and told him that was a good idea…

But as we drove on I thought to myself… “Geez… he just may be on to something there…”

Ahhh… my little entrepreneur.

My son – the business man was last modified: February 9th, 2010 by Audrey McClelland
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  1. He’s smarter than some of the sales force I’ve had to work with throughout my career. I bet he’d have a long line around the block for some lemonade and time on the XBOX.

My son – the business man was last modified: February 9th, 2010 by Audrey McClelland