The dude looks like a lady…

Have you ever done this?

I did it yesterday.

And I am still cringing.

Oh… PLEASE make the memory disappear.

Barry and I were at a little farm stand, just having the best ‘ol summer time picking out beautiful ripe tomatoes, sun-touched corn, perfect peppers, luscious squash and nice, firm cucumbers.

Maybe it’s the cucumbers that got me into trouble. Hmmm.

Anyway, the farm stand was about four-deep with people hungering for the last days of summer, and a couple of people began to push just a teeny bit in their enthusiasm. One older “lady” was being kind-of pushed/leaned into Barry in an awkward way, so I said to Barry (very kind of me, huh?), “Honey, that lady wants to get by.”

Just tryin’ to help.

My husband shot me a glance that could fry tomatoes.

I thought to myself, “Hey, just trying to help a lady out.”

Well, the “lady” was a man. Well, he was a man who looked an awful lot like a lady. Hence, the “look” from Barry.

OK. I stood there. Trapped.

I locked my eyes on the cucumbers.

“These look nice, ” I said.

Well, maybe the “lady” could have given me a little more of a hint… !

The dude looks like a lady… was last modified: February 9th, 2010 by Sharon Couto
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  1. Happened to me at IKEA the other day. Figure like a woman. Voice like a man. Talking “man stuff.” Beautiful skin–no man stubble.
    Luckily I didn’t say anything, but it was like a car wreck. I couldn’t stop glancing over there as (s)he talked to his/her friends (all women, btw)

  2. Hilarious. I’ve been in the same situation recently except that instead of me calling out the wrong gender, it was my three year old. And it was LOUD. When I quietly told him that the man was actually a lady, he said, “Well why does she look like a man, then?”

The dude looks like a lady… was last modified: February 9th, 2010 by Sharon Couto