Henry’s Birth Announcement

I know, I know… he’s 10 weeks.

With William I had birth announcements out in 2 weeks. With Alexander and Benjamin, about 3 weeks.

I cannot believe Henry’s have taken this long to put together.

I DO have a good excuse. I had the “perfect” birth announcement in my head. And well, it sort of didn’t go as well as I had planned.

I went out and had 4 shirts embroidered –

William #1

Alexander #2

Benjamin #2

Henry #4

My vision? OH… my oh-so creative vision! Have William on the couch by himself with the caption, “There was 1.” Then William and Alexander on the couch with the caption, “Then there were 2.” Then William, Alexander and Benjamin all on the couch with the caption, “Then there were 3.” And then all of the boys on the couch with the caption, “Oh yes, and now there’s 4.”

I had a vision that they would all sit perfectly still and smile exactly when I told them to smile.

And then? Well… I realized I was dealing with 4 boys 4 and under. Here are some of my photos on trying to capture the “perfect” birth announcement:

Truth be told, these photos reflect perfectly this-is-our-life-right-now-with-our-4-boys and welcome-to-the-world-Henry for our birth announcement!

On to PLAN B.

What’s that? I have NO clue. Just hoping to get a good photo where you can actually see Henry among the boys! Or… maybe just one of him. After all, it is HIS birth announcement.

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  1. Oh, Audrey… these photographs DO indeed reflect the beauty, warmth, festive, adventurous, lively, exquisite, fun, laughter and wonderful LOVE of your LIFE with my little grandsons! I love the photo shoot! I love my boys! I love my life with them!
    Love, Mom
    ps Henry already knows that this is his life!!!!

  2. Such cute photos! And no worries about being “late” with the announcements-you have a very good excuse with 4 boys 4 and under! I dont know how you do it…2 boys 2 and under are enough for me right now! and if it helps any, I just now mailed off Ben’s announcement…yea, that is at 11 weeks…

  3. Toooooooooooo cute!!! Audrey, your boys are ADORABLE!!! My, how fast they’re growing!!! I remember when you were pregnant with Benjamin…and then Henry!!! Wow! Time flies!

Henry’s Birth Announcement was last modified: June 13th, 2013 by Audrey McClelland