A New Day…

Hi everyone…

I want to thank you all for reaching out to my family throughout the last 6 days. The death of my grandmother is something that has shaken our family… for she was the true and utter matriarch.

I have been asking her to send me some signs lately… letting me know that she is around and watching over our family.

I have been blessed to see a double rainbow.

I have been blessed to see big, yellow balloons. Yellow was her favorite color. And I had asked her to send some yellow balloons.

I have been reading the scrapbook I made her for her 89th birthday this past March 9th. Each time I read it, I “feel” her spirit with me.

My Nana blessed my life with her presence alone. I don’t know how I will cope without hearing her voice… or hearing her laugh… or seeing her smile. It will be those things I miss the most. Mostly I will miss making her laugh. Her laugh filled the room.

She left a beautiful handwritten letter to our family to be read after her passing. Within it she told us to go on and live our lives… “Start out bravely with a gallant smile,” she wrote.

For that I will do today. A new day.

My Nana was laid to rest yesterday… and many, many tears were shed by the hundreds of people who she touched in her lifetime.

Today I will honor my Nana with this beautiful, sunny new day.

I will smile. I will hug and kiss my boys. I will love and live and go on… for her.

And the piece of my heart that is broken right now… I know that over time it will be filled again. Filled with memories of Nana. And stories that my family will share. Of that, I am sure.

Again, thank you to everyone for reaching out to us… it will never, ever be forgotten…

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  1. Your Nana sounds like a beautiful, inspiring woman. I never really knew either of my grandmothers, I can only imagine how wonderful it must’ve been to spend time with her and learn from her. I’m sorry for your loss. Your family will be in my prayers.

  2. Her letter sounds very powerful… and what wonderful words for anyone to remember, to start out each day bravely.

  3. Your Grandmother sounds like she was a GREAT lady!

    I lost my grandmother 8 years ago. This is no lie, I think of her EVERYDAY! I still have days where the pain is as real as it was the first few days after she passed away, but that is few and far between now. The pain of the thoughts lesson with time, and the joy of your memories will fill your heart in time as well. :o)

    You and your family are in my prayers during this sad time.

  4. Wonderfully written. I bet your Nana is so very proud of you. What she asked is not an easy task, but you are doing it. 🙂

  5. Oh, Audrey. I just read the post below as well as this one and I’m crying even harder now (I started at your mom’s blog and have been crying ever since).

    What a beautiful relationship you have with your Nana. You’ll always have that. Death can’t take that away. She will always be with you.

    I too believe in signs and smiled as soon as you wrote that you asked for them. I knew I’d read that you got plenty of them after that. And you’ll keep getting them…just always be on the lookout.

    You’ll find that if you’re having a bad day, really missing her, or there’s a special event, that she’ll let you know she’s there. My uncle and my (step)FIL do this all the time with me.

    I think your post touched me so much more because of my grandma. I was nodding my head vigorously as I read your words because I totally get that kind of bond. The kind that can’t be explained.

    My grandma was my caretaker too. And I don’t know how I’ll cope when she’s gone. It’s one of my biggest fears so I can only imagine what you must be going through. My heart is breaking for you.

    I am praying for you and for your family, Audrey.

  6. Oh Audrey! I had no idea what you and your family were going through! Here I was worrying about my son and you were in tears and hurting! I will keep your family in my prayers. Your Nana sounds like the kind of lady that would put a smile on everyone’s face! She is probably looking down from heavan now and beaming with so much pride for you!

  7. Oh, Audrey! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Your Nana sounds like she was a lovely lady. You’ve got so many wonderful memories of her.

    I just lost a friend five days ago and attended the funeral yesterday. She left behind a husband, three daughters and a son…and many, many people who loved her deeply.

    I can relate to your grief and sorrow. At least your Nana and my friend are in a good place 🙂 xoxo

  8. I just caught up with your last few posts, and I am so sorry for your loss. From what you have written, she seemed like an incredible woman. I will say a prayer for your family.

  9. What comforting blessings to see those things! I will continue to keep your family in my thoughts! I miss my great-grandmother so much so I understand how hard it is to lose someone you love! ((hugs))

  10. Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers. Death can be hard and painful and no words can really ever comfort you.

A New Day… was last modified: February 9th, 2010 by Audrey McClelland