A gift from heaven.

I got the best gift of my life today.

I got a gift from my Nana.

Yesterday my parents, brothers and husband went to my Nana’s apartment to finish clearing everything out. It’s one of those “tasks” that nobody wanted to do because everyone knew how difficult it would be… but it needed to be done.

As my mother was clearing out my Nana’s bedroom closet, she noticed a gift bag. This gift bag.

My mother said her heart skipped a beat when she looked at the card hanging from it. It read, “Baby Henry.” Even as I’m sitting here now, I can’t help the tears streaming down my cheeks. A gift for my Baby Henry.

Within the bag…



A sleepie.

Underneath the clothes for Henry was a beautiful card. AUDREY was clearly marked on the envelope… and the words I will miss the most where written inside, “Love, Nana.”


It was the last item on the bottom of the bag which made me laugh and smile. Nana had 3 boys. All my life I would joke with her and ask her repeatedly if she ever wanted a girl. She would always smile and say, “No, way! My boys were the best thing that ever happened to me.” And I would smile at her… always thinking what an amazing mother she would have been to a daughter.

And so… as I had William, and then Alexander, and then Benjamin… and then Henry – Nana and I always joked that we had our special “boy bond.” She loved it. I loved it.

The day after Henry was born, Nana came to visit me at the hospital. We talked about baby Henry and about the boys and about how much I loved creating this big family. She smiled when I told her (the day after my C-section) that I would love to have at least one more baby… and I remember she told me to “wait a little bit, let my body rest and heal.” As she always was, ever the caring Nana.

And I remember saying to her, “maybe it’s time for some pink to enter my life…”

And on the bottom of the gift bag was this…

Maybe Nana knows something about my future that I have yet to discover…

This gift made my day. My life. I will always look back at these photos, these clothing items and Nana’s card to me and smile.

It truly was, a gift from heaven.

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  1. oh, nana. i know you’re missing her the way i am missing my own grandmutter right now. i also know that i am thrilled to be making over her namesake’s big girl room with her bedroom furniture. the blessings keep on…

  2. What a precious story! My own Nana is in heaven too and I miss her. I can understand the tears and yet the smiles. What a gift!

  3. audrey – i’ve got tears running down my face now…… truly a gift from heaven. unbelievable. i’m sure you will save the card and these pictures and this beautiful blog post forever. and maybe you’ll be using that piece of pink yet! xo colleen

  4. Wow! When my grandfather passed away I was given some old photos of him from his childhood. You definitely received such a wonderful gift….cherish it! 🙂

  5. Oh, Audrey… I have cried again for the millionth time since Nana passed… I miss her so terribly… I miss her love and her laughter and her caring and her kindnesses… but as you discovered today, Nana is here in everything we do, everywhere we go and she is still full of wonderful surprises. I can actually feel her near me… and she helps me every day… it is true. Nana loved you like her own daughter… and she knows how much you loved and adored her. Each time we smile, we know that Nana is watching and creating and loving us to be happy. Treasure this gift that she left for Henry… and whomever she sends to you!! I love you!!

  6. I too have tears streaming down my face. Your Nana sounds like she was an amazing woman. What an awesome and wonderful gift to have received from her.

    I agree with you, I think maybe Nana knew/knows something about the future.

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  7. I have tears in my eyes just reading this – what a lucky lady you are to have had a Nana like her. She clearly was an amazing lady.

  8. What a wonderful gift and memory for you!! Nana is definitely watching over you from heaven. Right before my Dad passed away he had helped me hang some art on the walls…I never EVER want to take them down.

    Sending hugs,

  9. I really got chills at the end. How beautiful that she left you the little girl outfit at the very bottom of the bag.

  10. Oh, Audrey! This post made me cry! (Everything makes me cry these days!! LOL!)

    What a bittersweet post. What a true gem your Nana is! Imagine, sending you love, hugs, laughs and presents all the way from heaven! 🙂

  11. That is a great gift! I know I get all teary when I go back and read some of the cards my Nanny sent me after I moved away. Just seeing her handwriting makes me miss her so much more.

  12. what a beautiful post.. I have been MIA so let me say how sorry I am about the passing of your grandma and how I can tell she was such a sweet wonderful grandmother from your post and her gift.

A gift from heaven. was last modified: February 9th, 2010 by Audrey McClelland