A drive to the shore…

My sister-in-law was visiting all last week from Pittsburgh. And my in-laws (also from Pittsburgh) will be coming on Thursday and staying for 10 days.

(No, this isn’t a post about the in-laws… yet!) 😉

Whenever they come to visit, we always find ourselves at the shore. Whether we’re going there for the day. Or heading there at night. We love to take them to the shore. It’s a beautiful piece of Rhode Island. Something that I have always treasured about “my” state.

It’s funny. One of the reasons I wanted to move back to Rhode Island from New York City was because I love being near the water. The beauty of it. The peaceful sounds of it. The calm and serenity. Even the craziness of it… when the waves are crashing and the water is at high tide. I love it all.

Even my first apartment with Matt was right on Narragansett Bay. We were, literally, 10 steps from the water. It was heaven for us. Oddly enough, our next apartment was a studio basement apartment in NYC. Yes, polar opposites.

But I never seem to find the time to get there to the shore. Not anymore.

My days and nights are filled with work and the kids and bathtime and bedtime.

So being down by the shore this past week was a dream.

There is nothing quite like running around after the kids on wet sand.

There is nothing like watching the sunset beyond the ocean’s horizon.

There is nothing like eating clam cakes and chowdah (my ONE Tweightloss “cheat” night) on the sand while watching the tide come in.

There is nothing like seeing the delight in my boys’ eyes as they run to get their toes wet… and then some! (I guess there really is no way to keep my boys from getting soaking wet on a hot summer night at the beach!)

And while we were there, my sister-in-law was able to get a family photo of us. A tradition I am hoping to continue every summer down at this particular beach. A family photo on the rocks with the sun setting behind us.

And even though we couldn’t get the kids to look at the camera at the same time… I think it makes for a better family photo. This way we are truly able to capture this certain point in our lives (especially Alexander sticking out his tongue!).

(At least the photo was taken before the boys decided to go INTO the water!)

*And thank you to the ladies at MomDot.com for interviewing me as an August Feature! Check it out HERE!*

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  1. Audrey, we loved you and all you had to say and so did our readers! We hope some of our readers are now your readers and are very happy to put such a wonderful site and wonderful person into the spotlight on our page. Thank you for interviewing with us!!!

    We love mom Generations!!


  2. Audrey, I love the family photo. You all look great! Your boys all look so much alike so cute.

    I bet you all had a blast and here’s a virtual (((HUG))) before the inlaws come hehe.

  3. Aww I wish we lived by the water somewhere where the water was not disgusting. We have to drive 4 hours for good water even though I’m 8 miles from a lake.

    That family photo is beautiful! You all look so happy!

    Lastly, I read the interview today on MomDot, it was great!

  4. Look at that family! I look at pictures of families with four kids and smile…deeply. We’re pregnant with number three and I can’t help but think I don’t want to stop here. You have such a blessed life with all those boys!

    :–) Nell

  5. Love the family pic 🙂 Beach photos are always the best. I so wish we lived near a beach (closest is 700 km away lol)

  6. Oh, how I miss the ocean! Around here they call Lake Michigan “the beach”. It’s not. For someone who grew up going to Chincoteauge,VA every year, a lake does not cut it. Even if it is a big lake!
    The pictures are beautiful.

A drive to the shore… was last modified: July 28th, 2017 by Audrey McClelland