Who is the Hottest Male Blogger? (It’s double standard time!)

So Playboy has come out with its list of the web’s hottest bloggers (and shockingly, Hillary Clinton didn’t make the list). Let’s hear it for female bloggers getting the recognition they deserve, right!? Heh.

Well, not surprisingly it has started a bit of an uproar in the blogosphere, and while as a woman I do understand the point being made – that, as Aaron Brazell of Technosailor.com wrote in the comments section: “the *last* thing [women in the tech community] need is to have geek guys everywhere thinking of them because of their T&A and not because of their competency” – I must admit I feel encouraged by the fact that Playboy “gets” that smart women are sexy too.

Because, really Hef? How can you watch this without wanting to poke your eyes out?

And ever the optimist, I do see another upside to Playboy trolling the ‘net for the hottest blogger babes… the opportunity for the ladies to unite and come up with our list of the Hottest Male Bloggers!

Actually, this little experiment came into fruition last night while Twitter was abuzz about the infamous Playboy list. Once I put out the query for the Hottest Male Bloggers, the tweets – but mostly DMs (private direct messages)! – came flooding in, and I compiled a list of the male bloggers who received the most nominations within the 2-hour (or so) window of voting.

I don’t think I really have to state the obvious here, but this whole thing is completely tongue-in-cheek. That being said, if any of the male bloggers on the list have no sense of humor don’t want to be included (what, you don’t want to be considered man meat!?), simple email me and I’ll take you off – to the disappointment of your groupies everywhere.

So without further ado, here are the nominations for the Hottest Male Blogger:

  • Pete Cashmore, founder of Mashable.com, a popular blog focused on social networking.
    Why he’s hot: See photo.

    photo: Valleywag
  • Mike Doe, comedian and writer of the comedy blog MikeDoe.net.
    Why he’s hot: Funny is sexy.

    photo: Twitter
  • Jason Phillips, graphic artist and site admin at the blog GorillaSushi.com.
    Why he’s hot: Supposedly he’ll do a nekkid webcam show if he gets more than one vote. That’s intriguing.

    photo: GorillaSushi
  • Jeremy Biser, founder of Discovering Dad, a site about learning what it means to be a good Dad.
    Why he’s hot: He’s a family man.

    photo: DiscoveringDad
  • Joeprah, blogs about life as a stay-at-home dad to 3 daughters at Joeprah.com.
    Why he’s hot: See profession.

    photo: Joeprah
  • Peter Shankman, founder of HelpAReporter.com.
    Why he’s hot: He’s training for the NYC marathon. And? He jumps out of airplanes for fun.

    photo: Shankman.com

So who gets your vote? DM me on Twitter OR email me at porricelli AT gmail DOT com with your vote by Monday, July 14th at 5 PM EST. (Don’t worry, your secret vote is safe with me and I won’t do anything with your email address.)

Playboy says they’ll ask their most click-worthy candidate to pose for their site… what should we ask of our Hottest Male Blogger?

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  1. seeing as this is a *family* site, maybe a shirtless pic? or maybe just a major shout out to all of the winner’s awesome fans 🙂 This is hilarious!

  2. Great list Jane! And obviously Playboy mistakenly looked me over. I know it was a total mis-step on their part. Because seriously, I have brains and I am hot.

    Oh, but this isn’t about me…

    Pete by far is uber hot. I hope that if I ever meet him I don’t melt to the ground.

    Mike–funny is hot for sure!

    I *heart* Guy!

    Peter Shankman is the coolest!

    Who is this Ezra guy? Oh my.

  3. OK, I vote for Jason Phillips, only because I don’t think he really has the guts to do anything nekkid online. 😉

  4. Pete and Peter get my vote (must be something in the name – I totally remember a very intense, unrequited crush on a boy with the same name in Kindergarten all the way through to third grade when I sadly moved away) Oops, digressing…

    but seriously, even as much as turning the tables is good for a laugh, can you see Playboy citing a woman’s hotness based on the fact that she stays at home with her kids or cooks? (just noticing that three of the reasons for hot are all based on things society deems non-traditional for men, whereas the reasons on the playboy site were all about the stereotypes)

  5. I saw that Playboy poll that was flying around Twitter. You should really make Peter Cashmore’s votes weighted differently, as it’s not fair that mortal men have to compete with his hotness.

    I’m voting for Jason cause with a promise like that, he’d better deliver 🙂 Oh, and he’s pretty damn hot too.

  6. WOW! Tough choices here. Amazing what comes out of a twitter conversation.

    I will be casting my vote in a few… hmmm & what shall they do if they win??? I’ll send some thoughts on that too.

    Way to go w/ this post!


  7. Heh… too funny.

    Honestly tho – I still vote for Matthew McConaughey… Mostly because while I think all of the guys on this list are there deservedly, I can think of a dozen or two more that I find ‘hot’ for reasons of my own.

    The thing is, I’d never ‘out’ them publicly because a HUGE part of the attraction is their wit, intelligence & humor – and that makes a man sexy no matter his age or his physical ‘attributes’. And besides, they’d all feel awkward being ogled. 😉

  8. My vote goes to Pete.
    But really he my be nice to look at but he’s more then that he has the grin, the ambition, and the smarts .

    Vote sent

  9. Pete is definitely very hot – plus he has an accent. Unstoppable!

    However, this Ezra guy has caught my eye…I’ll have to do some thinking about him….er….this….this topic…. later tonight.

  10. Guy Kawasaki is, hands down, the hottest male blogger. Why? Because – and I speak from personal knowledge – Guy has *brains* and, more importantly, *soul*.

    And that is about as sexy as it gets.

  11. Pete at mashable gets my vote – Totally Dreamy and wow an accent and smarts to go with it!!!

  12. His chiseled looks are half the reason Mashable is so big… the accent is the second half

  13. LOVE THIS! My vote has to go to @mikedoe, just because he hangs out at @akaMonty’s radio show every Friday night and puts up with an extraordinary amount of crap.

    But let me just say, you ROCK! 🙂

  14. Shankman!? Are you kidding me?!? Are you blind? Is this the sympathy vote option?

  15. Pete Cashmore is HOT as hell…and i should know its 10:00pm and still 92 where i live:)

  16. In my humble opinion, there appears to be an omission. If he were on the list, I’d vote for Sean Percival. He’s funny and sexy and also has an accent (to me anyway, ‘cause I’m an Aussie). But in true aussie chick perving form, I’d go for BOTH Sean and Pete as shown in this pic .. enjoy 😉 http://tinyurl.com/6h95ve Just whack me in the middle!

  17. Mike Doe…but only because I couldn’t vote for Joel McHale (because well, he doesn’t have a blog) but they’re both funny and hot!

  18. Hi Jane – I just saw Pete’s comment to you on Twitter and that convinced me to come over here and lend my support. Nothing wrong with throwing a blonde med student into that mix, right? lol

  19. It has to be me, surely, I’ve still got all my own teeth, although I’ve almost ran out of cranial hair, but isn’t that a sign of virility, anyway, I’m using a laptop on my lap wearing shorts the fan is in just the wrong place for cooling…or…maybe…not…


  20. Shankman. Killer sense of humor! But oddly, will go out for drinks with PR people all around the country, but shuns his own NYC hood….perhaps he’s afraid of being mobbed. sigh….it must be a burden to be that funny AND cute.

  21. As a dad blogger, I have to give love (platonic mind you) to my boyz! Those would be Joeprah and Jeremy. But Joeprah is already a celebrity coveted by all moms on the net. So, in the spirit of leveling the playing field, I’ll give this vote to Jeremy.

  22. This reminds of me of Gawker looking for the hottest straight single guys in book publishing (trust me, there ain’t many). It’s like shooting fish in a barrel, where the barrel is very very large, and there aren’t many fish.

  23. I can’t vote. These guys are all young enough to be my sons. It just ain’t right!

    Sharon – MomGenerations

    ps not that I’m not enjoying the contest!!

  24. I’ve got to vote for Peter Shankman, because who else has a harem *ahem* I mean HARO list full of PR professionals who hang on his every word?! 😉

  25. This contest is just hysterical! I’ve already DM’d you about who gets my vote. If I knew how to whistle I would. Whurrrt-Whrewwww! 🙂

  26. As BusyDad mentioned, dad bloggers are always ready to support one of our own so I’ve got to give props to Jeremy as well.

  27. I’m another Shankman fan. He’s funny, talented, has put together an amazing resource (HARO) and does all this without ever sleeping.

  28. I vote for Joeprah, I can totally appreciate his profession, been there, done that, doing it 🙂

    and I have to say, I’m also pretty partial to Pete.

    but definitely a hard choice, really, they all have their great “HOT” qualitites.

  29. Um, how come Richard from Gawker isn’t on your list? Or does ‘male’ only mean ‘heterosexual male’ to you?

  30. Sean Percival is an excellent addition. He’s one of my faves, so there’s one vote. I don’t know Shankman personally but I know people who know him and they rave about how great he is. My vote from this list has to go to Pete C. Yes, he’s absolutely gorgeous, smart and can work a 3-piece suit like no ones business but, more importantly, grounded and sincere which are pretty damn sexy traits in general.

  31. i’m voting for pete cashmore. though guy kawasaki is a very close second.

    but if i had known, i would have nominated jeffrey veen, j brotherlove, and — at the risk of getting karate chopped in the throat by his fiancee stephanie sullivan (another tech blogger) — greg rewis.

  32. Oh, I love it!!!
    Yes, you give some fine options.

    However, in my humble and biased opinion, I give Jeremy my one and only vote!!!!

    You see, I am Jeremy’s wife.
    And he is ridiculously hot.

    I’d vote for him anyway even if he wasn’t currently CLEANING OUR HOUSE AND WATCHING THE KIDS while I am surfing the ‘net .

    Which, BTW, he does every Friday!

    I hate to quote Paris Hilton but “That’s hot!”

  33. Ok, that’s it. Forget dating musicians, construction workers and bartenders. I’m going to find myself a blogger!

  34. I was having a hard time deciding between Joeprah and Jeremy. But then I read one of Joeprah’s most recent posts, and he is completely rolling in dough from ad revenue, so he ain’t gonna have any problems. 😉

    Jeremy gets my vote…he’s a super nice guy, and girls love it. Plus, his wife is reading and I don’t want to get in trouble! Knock ’em dead, Jeremy!

  35. I love how you cropped Julia Allison out of the shot of Cashmore. Her flipping off the camera is the best part of the photo.. well, that and Pete’s lips. He gets my vote.

    PS – this isnt a very pretty bunch. Did you think about going through some of the gay blogs for some hotter, or at well-manicured specimens?

  36. We have gotten a great response here! Lots of votes.

    To those of you saying, “Why did you choose so-and-so?”… if you read the whole post you’d see that *I* didn’t choose anyone. The nominees were voted on… this is SO not a scientific study. It’s just for fun. Geesh!

    Disgusted: Well… tell THAT to the legions of Shankman fans who have flooded my Inbox with love letters about him. Plus, I’ve hung out with him and I have to wholeheartedly disagree with your assertions.

    xo to all,

  37. Peter Shankman … gutsy, smart, cool, a masterful command of social networking … and he jumps out of planes.

  38. Aw.. Disgusted – Did you hit on me and I had to break your heart and tell you I was straight? 🙂

    Jane, why don’t these haters post their names or contact info? Oh, wait, because then they couldn’t hide behind the Internets. 🙂

    Love the attention you’re getting here!



  39. What a great idea. I vote for Guy. Supreme.

    At least one of these characters needs to seriously update his photo. No resemblance to current self! AT ALL. High school photo? Lame. You know who you are. Get real. That’s much hotter.

  40. Since I wasn’t nominated, I’m voting for Jason from Gorilla Sushi.

    Why? Because he told me to, and it’s a proven fact that if we don’t all follow Jason’s instructions to the letter (and without argument), very, very bad things happen.

    We’ve got a mortage crisis, a climate crisis, and a energy crisis. The last thing we need is a gorilla sushi crisis.

  41. Really, this is laughable.

    Jason from Gorilla Sushi is the clear and unarguable winner. There can be no worthwhile competition.

    Firstly, Jason owns a ‘Dr. Ophelia Cummings, Sex Therapist’ outfit and dresses up in it regularly not only for his wife, but also on his blog (dedication! dedication! dedication to being sexy is very important).

    Secondly, said wife is a beautiful trophy catch, 10 years younger than himself, whom he has trained to bake cookies and cook breakfast in exchange for… a slap on the ass.

    Thirdly, he is SO no whipped. Not whipped at ALL. Just ask his aforementioned wife. SO. NOT. WHIPPED. Allowed out on Friday nights, even. Gets an allowance on Thursdays.

    Lastly, an overweight waitress in a seedy Chicago burrito joint is in love with him. That SPEAKS. That speaks, people.

    Really, he is King.


  42. Go for GorillaSushi… come on he’s the man… and I mean that in a non-gay way… not that theres anything wrong with that 🙂

  43. I love Jason from Gorilla Sushi and if I have to vote for someone on this list… it would be him. But I have to tell you that the very single, very hot, very hetero Dave2 from blogography.com is the hottest blogger in the universe. Period. Full Stop.

  44. I cannot take any “Hottest Bloggers” list seriously that does not include Secondhand Karl. The guy is legendary, with hundreds of adoring fans. He’s got it all goin’ on.

  45. I agree with Peter – glad to see you getting such a good response to this. Definitely a surprise to me. My teenage daughter said to me, “People think you’re hot? Really?” Kids. 😉

  46. Wait, what? You composed a list of the hottest male bloggers and came up with these tools? Forget them and vote for nobody. Meanwhile, I have good taste in literature and music and food. And often can be seen berating airport security while loaded on vicodin in my aviator shades. Cmon now. Holla.

  47. Jason Phillips at GorillaSushi.com has my vote. Um, straight guys can vote in this can’t they? I mean, straight women watch Vicky’s Secret shows and Miss Universe pageants and such. If Jason has the kahunas to do a nekkid webcam then I got the gumption not to watch it.

  48. Mike Doe is an absolutely horrible human being. He had an affair with my wife and there were kids involved. He prob told you the same thing he told my wife. That trust is the must important thing to him. To bad he was such a liar and Adulterer.

    Get a Job Mike, your scum and when I find you, you better be wearing a cup. I have my shears and your Gonna be made a Jew.

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