Who is the Hottest Male Blogger? (It’s double standard time!)

So Playboy has come out with its list of the web’s hottest bloggers (and shockingly, Hillary Clinton didn’t make the list). Let’s hear it for female bloggers getting the recognition they deserve, right!? Heh.

Well, not surprisingly it has started a bit of an uproar in the blogosphere, and while as a woman I do understand the point being made – that, as Aaron Brazell of Technosailor.com wrote in the comments section: “the *last* thing [women in the tech community] need is to have geek guys everywhere thinking of them because of their T&A and not because of their competency” – I must admit I feel encouraged by the fact that Playboy “gets” that smart women are sexy too.

Because, really Hef? How can you watch this without wanting to poke your eyes out?

And ever the optimist, I do see another upside to Playboy trolling the ‘net for the hottest blogger babes… the opportunity for the ladies to unite and come up with our list of the Hottest Male Bloggers!

Actually, this little experiment came into fruition last night while Twitter was abuzz about the infamous Playboy list. Once I put out the query for the Hottest Male Bloggers, the tweets – but mostly DMs (private direct messages)! – came flooding in, and I compiled a list of the male bloggers who received the most nominations within the 2-hour (or so) window of voting.

I don’t think I really have to state the obvious here, but this whole thing is completely tongue-in-cheek. That being said, if any of the male bloggers on the list have no sense of humor don’t want to be included (what, you don’t want to be considered man meat!?), simple email me and I’ll take you off – to the disappointment of your groupies everywhere.

So without further ado, here are the nominations for the Hottest Male Blogger:

  • Pete Cashmore, founder of Mashable.com, a popular blog focused on social networking.
    Why he’s hot: See photo.

    photo: Valleywag
  • Mike Doe, comedian and writer of the comedy blog MikeDoe.net.
    Why he’s hot: Funny is sexy.

    photo: Twitter
  • Jason Phillips, graphic artist and site admin at the blog GorillaSushi.com.
    Why he’s hot: Supposedly he’ll do a nekkid webcam show if he gets more than one vote. That’s intriguing.

    photo: GorillaSushi
  • Jeremy Biser, founder of Discovering Dad, a site about learning what it means to be a good Dad.
    Why he’s hot: He’s a family man.

    photo: DiscoveringDad
  • Joeprah, blogs about life as a stay-at-home dad to 3 daughters at Joeprah.com.
    Why he’s hot: See profession.

    photo: Joeprah
  • Peter Shankman, founder of HelpAReporter.com.
    Why he’s hot: He’s training for the NYC marathon. And? He jumps out of airplanes for fun.

    photo: Shankman.com

So who gets your vote? DM me on Twitter OR email me at porricelli AT gmail DOT com with your vote by Monday, July 14th at 5 PM EST. (Don’t worry, your secret vote is safe with me and I won’t do anything with your email address.)

Playboy says they’ll ask their most click-worthy candidate to pose for their site… what should we ask of our Hottest Male Blogger?

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