Best Bedroom Paint Colors – HELP ME CHOOSE!

Best Bedroom Paint Colors – I’m in the middle of trying to paint my bedroom and I can’t decide. I want (obviously) the Best Bedroom Paint Colors there are to pop up! I want to feel inspired and motivated and calm and peaceful and relaxed. These are my goals for my bedroom and sleep and together time. It’s up to you! (thanks to

Best Bedroom Paint Colors

What am I thinking right now? Here are some colors that are totally jumping out at me!!

The colors (in the can and on my wall):

1) Benjamin Moore 1676 – Northern Air:

Best Bedroom Paint Colors

2) Benjamin Moore HC-67 – Clinton Brown:

3) Benjamin Moore HC-9 – Chestertown Buff:

Best Bedroom Paint Colors

Best Bedroom Paint Colors

4) Benjamin Moore HC-159 – Philipsburg Blue:

Best Bedroom Paint Colors

Best Bedroom Paint Colors

5) Benjamin Moore HC-127 – Fairmont Green:

Best Bedroom Paint Colors

Best Bedroom Paint Colors – The back story:

Steve and I have lived in our current home for almost two years now. When we moved in, we wanted to make it “ours” as quickly as possible.

The plan was simple: take down all the wallpaper (“It’ll only take us a day to do that!”), paint all the rooms (“We’ll make it into a fun weekend project!”) and replace the wall-to-wall carpeting with hardwoods (“It’ll be easy to save up for it!”). Heh.

We started with the wallpaper. It didn’t take a day. It didn’t take a week. It didn’t even take a month. It took calling in a professional to take it down because the people who owned the house before us (they are lovely people, really… it’s just that this was a little odd) decided to wallpaper THE CEILINGS. Thick wallpaper lining +  thick wall paper + all of it on the ceiling = very frustrating.

When that was finally done for us, we concentrated on painting the downstairs – the kitchen, the family room, the dining room and the living room. So the downstairs is looking good. (But still no hardwoods. Shockingly, more important things tend to come along that require money when you’re a homeowner.)

But our upstairs needs some help, starting with our bedroom. We took the wallpaper down the week we moved in (luckily, there was none on the ceiling), but we still – yes, almost two years later – have not painted it. It’s currenly primed and ready to be painted… but I just can’t decide on a color.

That’s where you – and – come in. Best Bedroom Paint Colors HELP US  OUT!!!!!!

Best Bedroom Paint Colors has supplied me with 5 mini sample cans of Benjamin Moore paint colors to test out on my bedroom walls. And it’s up to my readers to help me choose which one to use! Yes, I’m that indecisive trusting of you all.

And thanks to Jason at for hooking me up with these awesome sample cans. These aren’t those little tiny ones that cover like a square inch of wall. He offers these 16 oz. cans, which really cover a lot, and show you just how a color will look across a large area of wall.

Best Bedroom Paint Colors

Plus, he gets customer service. Jason will handle your order and work with you so you get just the color you want, right to your door.

Now, if you haven’t voted already, do so! I need to get this room painted before we close in on 2 years in this house, which is coming up September 5th. The poll will be open until Wednesday, August 6th at 5 PM. Thanks for your help!

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  1. My vote is for the Buff with one accent wall of Philipsburg or Fairmont. If you paint the wall behind your bed with the accent color it makes the whole room pop but doesn’t overwhelm since you have this nice neutral on the other walls.

  2. I vote for the Buff, too. Wes & I have a yellow-green color in ours that is very eye-appealing and goes with the furniture, bed clothes and drapes. It’s bright but not too — for those mornings you want to sleep in.

  3. Pretty! I like the buff. It will keep the room light and airy. Ask if they have a low voc option. I just did my living room and was able to have the kids asleep upstairs without any problems. (My oldest has chemical sensitivities)

  4. I vote for Benjamin Moore HC-9 – Chestertown Buff: it gives the room a warm feeling and matches well with any bright and funky bedlinen you may have. It also is easy to match with wooden furniture if you have any.

  5. and you have to consider what type of bedding you like… is it floral stuff? contemporary? that can help you narrow it down too- knowing what will match the style you like to go with on your bed.

    (I just went through this same thing with my bedroom)

  6. You did this last time you made US (tee hee ) choose your color…you never showed us the room. You know I’m somewhat of a designtrepreneur !! LOL! :o]

    I like the … well I honestly like them all but I think you need tranquil sleep and that would be best found with….Philipsburg Blue!

  7. I think the first two colors would be very pretty together. Maybe you could do a chair rail and do the brown on the bottom and the light blue on top. That would be pretty. Or do the brown on just one wall and the blue on the other three. IDK, just some ideas. But to just pick one I LOVE the top blue one.

  8. Jane and Steve,

    “I know a guy” who knows how to handle a brush.
    Just say when and I’ll be there in a flash to help. (or even better… to supervise!)

  9. Dear Jane,
    It is way too difficult to pick a color just by looking at the paint samples. In my honest opinion all the other colors but Fairmont Green would be great for a bed room.

    But really to decide, think what you want from your bedroom..

    Calming and relaxing oasis? Go with Northern Air.

    A bit dark, mystic place with gold tones and lots of white accessories to pull a fresh look? Go with Clinton Brown (but don’t do it if you have dark wood furniture, it’ll be just too dark).

    Want to choose an easy color, which will pass almost any buyer when you’re reselling the house and you can decorate it almost with any color? Go with the Chestertown Buff.

    Do you like light colored bedding but your bedroom to have a little more color than just white? Choose Philisburg Blue. (Again, be careful with this color if your bedroom doesn’t have much natural light and you have dark furniture, this might look too dark).

    And Fairmont Green – let’s just say if you ever want any action in your bedroom, forget about the green.

    A few things to think about:
    – your furniture (you want it to blend or pop?)
    – relaxing and calming vibe or cheery for those mornings you have hard time getting up
    – You want the wall color to pop or bedding, accessories and other deco
    – Windows, natural lighting and also light fixtures (same paint color looks totally different according the light in the room)
    – What is your focal point and the main thing in your room deco

    Good luck choosing, and I think any of those would look great – it really all just depends on what you’ll combine them with!

  10. For a neutral room where bedding and decrative items can be changed as wanted, I choose Buff.

    Although if you like a soft, soothing and simple color I would choose Northern Air.
    Have fun!

  11. I voted for the Buff. Lots of colors will go with Buff, I think, so you can change up your bedding often. Btw, I have papered ceilings in my house too. We’ve not tackled them because I’m scared.

  12. LOVE the Northern Air 🙂 Of course, it’s all based on what I want in MY house (but will never get), so do with this what you will…….

    Good luck!

  13. Chestertown Buff because it’s neutral and will go with anything, plus it’s easy to paint over! Greg just painted over my masterpieces since we’re moving tomorrow. I think I now appreciate white walls. I’m just going to put some stickers and wall art up at our new place. No more paint for a while!

  14. i am planning to make my bedroom but i dont know which colour to use and how toarrange my bedroom properties in it, please advice me.

  15. Pretty nice blog you’ve got here. Thanx for it. I like such themes and everything that is connected to them. I would like to read a bit more soon.

    Best regards

  16. Greetings,

    Found your blog when I did a search on “Fairmont Green.” I plan to paint my dining room that color, but I agree with the others it’s not the best choice for a bedroom. May I suggest that the blue tones might help you get a better night’s sleep. That’s why I voted for Northern Air.

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