Things that make you go… WTF?

This weekend we went to the big 4th of July carnival in the patriotic little town (and our former family residence) of Bristol, RI.

We had fun, yes… but what got me scratching my head was this carnival worker, simultaneously explaining the fish game to a group of kids and… smoking!?

This is what I call a master of multi-tasking.

All together now: WTF!?

Things that make you go… WTF? was last modified: March 15th, 2010 by Jane Couto Govednik
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  1. yeah… a statement i heard from two parents sneaking off to smoke: our eleven year old son still doesn’t know we smoke.

    ummm….yeah, he prolly does. morons.

  2. That’s how I feel when I see our neighbor riding on his lawnmower, cigarette in mouth, and bouncing his kid on the other knee.

    So gross!

  3. Unfortunately I’ve seen this here too in Virginia.. there is a popular petting zoo called “The Hunt Club” and the workers will smoke while selling “pet feed”… I think its annoying even though its an outdoor event.. but we pay to go in , I don’t think its nice for kids to be seeing other adults smoking , let alone on the job?

  4. What’s worse and no offense to anyone who smokes ( I used to and I quit, thank the Good Lord!) but don’t hold your baby and smoke… or push a stroller and smoke… its just WRONG! I think we’ve seen the Britney Spears girl do this, unfortunately she needs help but its common sense people!

  5. Gross!

    But at least she wasn’t smoking and lighting sparklers for the kids…I guess? Or swilling beer. 😉

  6. Yup. That’s pretty white trash. And I don’t use that word lightly, but that one takes the cake!

  7. We were at a concert last night, and although smoking is banned in enclosed public spaces in England, this was open-air. I think I saw just one guy smoking from an audience of around 2-3000…


Things that make you go… WTF? was last modified: March 15th, 2010 by Jane Couto Govednik