These boots are made for Twalking…

Twitter? Tweet? Tweight? T-what?

Come on. I came of age in the 60’s. The only “tw…” I knew from that era was Twiggy.

OK. Maybe with my fishnet stockings, white go-go boots, mini-skirts and halter tops, Twiggy should have made more of an impact on me. But she didn’t.

It took ’til now to get hooked on that “tw” sound. And I’m jumping aboard Twitter with all my Tweeple for the Tweightloss Challenge. Who knows? Maybe I can now look better in that 60’s attire than I did back then. Ahhh, I thwink not!

Now I’m going to say something that really, really ages me. If I can learn to Twitter and Twhirl, then anyone can. Let me say that again, because we all know that old people repeat themselves… If I can learn to Twitter and Twhirl, then anyone can.

Audrey and Jane can’t even believe how quickly I picked up this Twitter thing. And now my husband is one of my Tweeples (OK. I don’t know if this should be plural).

So join the Tweightloss Challenge. I have a few twinches to twiddle. A couple of twiceps to build. I mean, I’m sure I can find that aforementioned outfit again. Somewhere.

Or not.

In any case, I’ll be twalking proud in 12 weeks!

These boots are made for Twalking… was last modified: July 22nd, 2017 by Sharon Couto
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  1. Audrey kindly offered to tweach me to twitter, so I can drop some tweight too. You go Sharon! I still haven’t figured it out. In all honesty, I haven’t had the time to sit down and learn. Maybe today. If the girls stop bickering! What did you do when your girls were younger and got “snappy” at each other?

  2. I actually had to do a 3 week run of cold turkey from Twitter to put it all back into perspective a while back! It really did become an addiction there – not good. But I’m back and in control – and I can walk away at any time – really, I can – really… I CAN!

    So I’ll check out this tweight loss thing…maybe… after I finish my cookie.

  3. Well best of luck to you on that! I tried to twitter and canceled my account within 24 hours – way too much for me! Sensory overload and way TMI. Guess it’s not for everyone, although I’m starting feel the pull again:)