Mom Jeans – a BIG no-no!

Mom Jeans – a BIG no-no! I mean, a HUGE NO NO. It’s been 2 weeks to the day since I had Henry.  And there’s one thing left that I can’t wait to do (I’ve already have my sushi, Coors Light, Margarita, hot bath, and lobster roll!)… wear my jeans. Oh, yeah baby… jeans without a front panel, without my BellaBand and without adjustable side straps. A mom jeans outfit is not in my frame of mind right now. It’s kind of as far away from my mind as humanly possible!

Mom Jeans Outfit

I just want me my jeans. My perfect, broken-in, fit-me-as-if-they-were-made-for-me jeans. Not a full mom jeans outfit, jeans that would fit me to a tee and make me feel comfortable and (dare I say it) sexy. I was telling my husband this last night as we were walking around our local mall. My 2 1/2-year-old Alexander asked me what jeans were. So every time we walked by a store that had jeans in the window, I kept pointing them out to Alexander.

He seemed to get the point…

Except when he saw a women dressed in jeans that looked like this (no joke), and he said, “Mommy, you want jeans like that lady’s!”

mom jeans outfit

Oh yes, this is EXACTLY what the jeans looked like.

MOM JEANS! LOL! How funny is it that he already knew!? That he already guessed it! That he already was able to understand the basics of a mom jeans outfit!  Honestly, to borrow from the fabulous Stacy London of “What Not To Wear,” when the top button of your pants could double as a push-up bra, that should be a RED FLAG that something’s wrong!

No, no, no, my darling Alexander. When Mommy says she can’t wait to be back in my jeans, I’m talking…

So to my jeans: Stay tuned. I will be coming soon!

Just keep “hanging” out until the time (and the size) is right! I know that I’m ready for my jeans to magically appear and be ready back on my body, but it’s still not the perfect time quite yet. I have some working out to do and need to keep myself on track. I also know that I’m addicted to the gym right now, so the more I’m there and really keep my body moving – the better!! I’m a jean lover, so that’s more motivation for me to keep it going!

(I’m a jean-junkie. This is like 1/3 of my jeans collection. The rest are folded on the floor underneath… too embarrassed to photograph!)

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  1. I am glad I am not the only jean junkie. I love wearing my jeans. I even wear them during the summer here in AZ. People think I am crazy because it’s like 110 today.

  2. I am also a jean junkie. I never could fit into my favorite jeans even though I’m back in that size now. They just fit differently. I can’t throw them away though — I love them. 🙂 Maybe one day…

  3. Impressive collection!
    Oh, how I long for my jeans, too! I hope it doesn’t take me as long to get back into them as it did the first time!

  4. Wow, that’s a lot of jeans! I agree, down with mom jeans! (although I do love Not Your Daughter’s Jeans).

  5. LOL! What a cute post! You had me chuckling with the ‘mom jeans’!

    GAH…7 more months until I can have sushi again! Oh, and I’ve NEVER had a lobster roll EVER but saw it on a TV show called The Phantom Gourmet. I am sooooooooooo going to New England sometime! LOL!

  6. You have more jeans, than I have pants…total! You are definitely more fashionable, but I do draw the line at “mom jeans”!

  7. OH how I craved sushi when I was pregnant!!!
    And I, too love me some denim, and could not wait to get back into my jeans. I refuse to go the “mom jeans” route as well. I have found that there are many stylish, modern jeans out there for moms with a little curve that do not come too low in the rise (they’re just slightly below the belly button) and do not gap at the back. Keep looking, “mom – jeans” ladies…you’ll find them! (Unfortunately it will be after trying on 99 other pairs!)
    Besides, jeans with a fuller leg and a little “flare” at the bottom will even out your curves a bit and look even better on you than a straight or tapered leg. They won’t give you that pear shape look we all dread!
    And hang in there, Audrey. You’ll be wearing that fleet of denim very soon!

  8. audrey – ahhh how i covet a fabulous pair of jeans. impossible to find and when i do find them, i wear them at least 4 x per week and neglect every other not quite right pair in my closet! so good luck easing into your old body (yeah it takes a while for me even after the weight was all off somehow my hips were still not back to normal and seemed to stick out so that my jeans just would not come up past my theighs!!!!). total body re-alignment occured eventually……….and when it does you will feel sooo awesome! only problem you might have – and i have this now with all my clothes – is that it’s been so long that i’ve gone shopping that even when the old stuff fits – i find it is no longer in style! it’s like being trapped in some time warp you know?

  9. Gosh, this post cracked me up. And very honestly, I JUST saw a lady at my clinic two days before reading this with the exact same jeans on! I tried so hard not to stare, but I was just blown away at how and why anyone in 2008 could slip those on needing to hold their boobs up just to button them, and even think that they were remotely attractive! I hate to sound catty (okay, maybe I don’t) but how do you wear something and feel good in them, when you don’t see ANYONE else in something similar?!? AH!

    I’m slowly grieving the loss of my jeans as my hips start to widen again, and my fatty pooch starts to get even pudgier…
    even my “fat” jeans are no longer working….pretty soon I’m going to have to pull out the panel pants. IKES!

Mom Jeans – a BIG no-no! was last modified: February 13th, 2019 by Audrey McClelland