White Bikini Top

I’m all about fabulous bathing suits, especially bikinis. I love a good bikini. I’m just never, ever invested in a white bikini top or bottom. That’s right. I’ve always stayed away from a white bikini top because well… it’s see-thru, right?

White Bikini Top

White Bikini Top

Ready for my white bikini top story?

I took William to the beach this afternoon while his brothers napped. It was nice being alone with William, we don’t get that too often. We talked. Laughed. And dug some really big holes in the sand. A perfect hour. Well, as any mom can understand (and relate) there is such an innocence to kids. They say what’s on their minds… and that’s about it. No filter.

So… imagine my 3 year old son asking me why the lady next to us is wearing a suit “that is naked.

Yes, naked meaning – completely see-through.

Is a White Bikini Top – NAKED?


Which it was. All of it.

I hadn’t even noticed her bathing suit of choice when we first got there. I knew there was a woman next to us with 2 little girls… but it never “dawned” on me to look at her suit for “nakedness.”

Ahh, lovely. Just what you want to have your 3 year old son asking you about – all while she’s about 10 feet away!

And to think there I was covering up my post pregnancy body with a long sundress! 🙂

Is a White Bikini Top Necessary?

So Miss White See-Through Bikini… I’m all about expressing yourself and I’m anything but a prude, but come on, there’s kids up and down the beach (not to mention fathers!). Is it necessary to have it all “out” there in a white wet see-through bikini?

Just remember when you’re looking for a bikini for a summer, keep in mind that you want something that is appropriate. You don’t want things to be hanging out or out there in an unnecessary way. I’m all about trying to make sure I do what I can to make sure I’m wearing something that I’m not embarrassed for my sons’ friends to see me in! I couldn’t believe this woman!

Mama mia!!!

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  1. Eww. No one needs to see that, ESPECIALLY curious little boys!

    Do you think she realized it was see through? I would rather think she was clueless than purposeful. Still, eww.

  2. You wouldn’t catch me in a bikini, let alone a see through one! Poor little guy. I hope she thinks back on this time in her life when her girls are teens and want to leave the house in clothing so tight and short that they (sadly) leave little to the imagination.

  3. My goodness… how awful. I mean she could have some class anyways especially in front of her girls. I hope that she just wasn’t thinking today when she put that suit on.

  4. Yeah, people make really bad choices and that would definitely be classified as one of them. I’ll bet she knew, and was perhaps showing off – who knows. If someone wants to prance around in their backyard pool like that, that’s their choice – but when they affect me or my kids – that’s a whole other problem!

  5. I think some people just don’t have a clue! I think that white bikini if a fashion faux-pas if you are actually going in the water!!!!

  6. Maybe she is looking for a baby daddy? Haha, whatever the reason, there is no need to show it all at a public beach where children frequent.

White Bikini Top was last modified: January 29th, 2019 by Audrey McClelland