The Itsy Bitsy Spider retold

The Itsy Bitsy Spider is one of my favorite things to share with my grandkids. They love the song and the lyrics and everything there is about The Itsy Bitsy Spider. It’s funny – my 2 daughters were terrified of this song growing up. They always got nervous to hear it or sing it, but by grandkids are the polar opposite! They love it to pieces!

The Itsy Bitsy Spider

The Itsy Bitsy Spider

As I walked into Audrey’s home this morning with my anniversary card and warm wishes (and a “little” something for a dinner out!), I was greeted by a man with a very new and bloody gash about a half inch from his eye.

This is the anniversary love story.

Audrey saw a spider early this morning crawling on their bedroom ceiling. As love goes (and an anniversary request), Matt was the spider remover-er. Matt likes spiders and insects, so he just wanted to capture the crawly thing it and toss it out a window.

Seemed simple enough. But in his early morning daze, he forgot that their ceiling fan was not just turning, but whipping on high through the New England summer steam. And yes… in his humane attempt at capturing the spider, the fan hit him square in the face.

As he was beginning to tell the story, William, my 3-year old grandson said, “Grandma, I can tell the story!”

And this is what he said.

The Itsy Bitsy Spider retold

“The itsy bitsy spider must have crawled all the way up the waterspout to Mommy and Daddy’s bedroom”… and at these words, I just melted into grandma butter. William finished his story with detail and precision, but all I kept thinking about was 7 years ago today as I helped Audrey slip into her beautiful wedding dress, check and re-check the “Something Old…” tradition, and watch with awe as she married the man of her every dream.

How could I have known 7 years ago that this day would bring me 4 magnificent little boys from that union… and I would be blessed enough to hear all about the Itsy Bitsy Spider story by their beautiful oldest boy.

Blessings? Counted yet again. It is always the smallest moments, I think, that bring the greatest joys.

Happy Anniversary, Audrey and Matt. I love you two!

Thank you forever for my little grandsons.

And Matt… take care of that gash! Or is it a love mark? (And by the way, the spider did make it safely out the window!).

I’m telling you – to all my fellow grandparents out there, it’s a wonderful rendition to sing with your grandkids. Have fun with it and love it! It brings back so many memories for me and it’s something that always will. I love seeing my grandsons light up when they hear it, it’s adorable!!

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  1. How sweet is that story!
    I’m with Matt – don’t kill them…..however don’t kill yourself in the process either!

  2. You’ve been singing “Itsy Bitsy Spider” to William since the day he was born! What a little darling to remember…
    (William’s Mommy!)

  3. How funny and how sweet of William to remember the story. Your kids and grandkids are all beautiful reflections of you as the matriarch of this fantastic family. I absolutely love reading what you and the girls always have to share about your families. It reminds me of my own family, and helps me not to miss (the half of them that live so far away) so much.

  4. What a sweet post!!! Ohhh…Poor Matt! Hope that gash/love wound heals soon 🙂

    Amazing what can happen in the span of 7 years! Sharon, I must say that you, Audrey and Jane are such wonderful, thoughtful writers. I just love reading all your posts!

  5. That is just too cute. He’s going to be a master storyteller when he grows up! As to Matt’s boo-boo… OUCH!! I wonder what Audrey would have done had Matt gotten knocked out – tend to him or squish the bug first? LOL

The Itsy Bitsy Spider retold was last modified: January 29th, 2019 by Sharon Couto