Saying Good-bye to my Pouch with a March Plank Challenge #PLANKGIRLS

I’ve had it.

I’ve really, really had it.

I was working out every single day in January and then the stomach flu and strep it our house (for me) and it was just over for me. Like – literally – I just stopped working out all together.

Last night Ben (God bless him) asked me if I was having another baby because my stomach looked big. The poor kid, I had a look of a deer in headlights when he asked me… but he’s not wrong, I have really not been taking care of myself and it shows. The last time my stomach was this big, I was pregnant with Victoria.

Well, this stops now.

I’m doing a 30-Day Plank Challenge throughout March. I’m actually going to do it with some of my blogging friends, trying to get everyone into the PLANK SPIRIT. The summer is right around the corner and I need to do something because I NEED to wear a bathing suit this summer. Last summer waddling around in dresses and leggings and tanks was horrible. I was SO HOT and was dying to be in the water with the kids.

So who is with me? Want to join on up!?

I found this PLANK CHALLENGE on Pinterest, where it was originally pinned from

The Plank Challenge looks scary, but I’m going for it. I’m pretending that it doesn’t say you need to do a plank for 5 minutes at the end of the month. LOL… AHHHH!!!!!!

30 Day Plank Challenge

OK, I’m coming for you PLANKS.

If I can have 5 kids, I can do 5 minutes. Right?


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