Golden Globe Mom Fashions

2010 Golden Globes.  (Come on, I totally only watch for the fashions.)

Yup, I was glued to the TV last night. I was actually a bit late getting to them, so I DVR’d the beginning and really got a good chance to focus in on some of my favorite (and not-so-favorite) fashions on the mom celebrities of the evening.

What I love about the Golden Globes is that everyone comes out red carpet ready.  When I was at the People’s Choice awards just a week ago… the fashions were more on the “fun” side of things.  The choices were more like you were attending an upscale cocktail party.

But the Golden Globes… oh, no.  This is glamour.  This is Hollywood.  This is true red carpet-ness.

(And let’s be honest… it’s a heck of a lot easier dressing for an event like this when you have designers sending you dresses, stylists helping you decide and hair/makeup professionals working their magic on you.)

But I will say, there were some celebs last night that just stood out for me… they looked beautiful and just amazingly appropriate for the event.  And… they’re all moms!

My favorites:

Picture 3

Julie Bowen (a mom of 3 little boys) from Modern Family.   She looks classically beautiful in this classic  black strapless George Hobeika gown, with sequin waist detail.

Picture 4

Amy Poehler (mom of 1 little boy) from Parks and Recreation.  She dazzled in this stunning red asymmetrical Jay Godfrey gown, with detail on the shoulder and a waist-cinching belt.

Picture 6

Maggie Gyllenhaal (mom of 3-yr old Ramona) exuded elegance in this salmon-colored RM by Roland Mouret mermaid gown.

Picture 8

Courteney Cox (mom to Coco) mesmerized me in this gorgeous black Victoria Beckham gown.  I love the simple elegance to it.  Show-stopping for me.

Picture 10

Julia Roberts (mom of 3) turned away from the long gown and just sparkled in this black vintage YSL dress with spectacular pendant.  This is what I love about Julia’s choice… she truly exudes confidence in this.  And she looks COMFORTABLE!

Picture 9

OK… how can I not mention Halle Berry?  She’s over 40… and she’s a mom.  It’s almost not fair… am I right?  Sexy and sleek in this KaufmanFranco gown.

**I have been asked what were my not-so-favorite looks of the night… I have 3 of them.  And I truly believe it’s because of the color choice.  I was not keen on the lighter colors for these women… and they usually make such better fashion choices.  Here are my top 3 of No-No-No!

Picture 12

Picture 13

Picture 14

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  1. I love Courteney Cox’s – it’s my fav!!

    I have a fashion question for you – guess it is a couple of questions.

    1. Is there anyway a short (5’2) – chunkier gal can pull off a pencil skirt? Your thoughts.

    2. Is what is a good length to wear a skirt if you are short? – I am not only short I have very short legs… any height I do have is in my torso.


  2. i loved anna paquin’s gold dress. something about a smart quirky-looking lady wearing a real beyonce dress appealed greatly to me.

    for me julia roberts was the stand-out. love the necklace and the way she really owned the red carpet in her simple outfit (but as a person… could she be any more annoying in interviews???? seriously, she talks over EVERYONE)

  3. Courtney was my fav! She always looks so elegant and out together….she wears the cloths, the cloths don’t wear her.