Ahh… the continued innocence of children.

So yesterday I wrote a post about the innocence of William.

Well – today – I’m writing about the innocence of Alexander, my 2 1/2 year old.

I just love perusing “my” celebrity blog sites – especially Celebrity Baby Blog.

This morning I was brushing up on the birth of the Brangelina twins.

Alexander saw this photo attached to the article I was reading online –

And says to me, “Look Mommy, it’s Daddy and you.”

Aww… I knew I loved that kid!

I explained to him who they were (all while basking in the moment of him mistaking me for Angelina, and Matt for Brad).

And just as my head was getting a tiny bit bigger…

(Disclaimer: I know I look nothing like her… my husband, I’ll give him that he resembles Brad.)

Alexander spots this photo –

And says, “Look Mommy, it’s Grandma!”

OK. Bubble burst. Head deflated.

I DO know my mother looks nothing like Christina Aguilera!

This little guy is just looking for some chocolate rewards!

But… what a guy.

There’s some lucky lady out there who will benefit from Alexander’s “suaveness.”

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  1. It’s always nice when one of your children mistakes you for a beautiful celebrity!! And . . . your husband looks like Brad Pitt?? Picture! Picture! Picture!

    And the one of Christina . . . it must be the blonde hair. Otherwise, your mom is a lot more gorgeous. 🙂

  2. That is so sweet and awesome! Also, I wanted to give you an update on our friends that have the little girl with cancer-we actually have raised almost all the money through local donations to send them down by the begining of Aug!! YAY! We finally heard from Make and Wish; they were booked til the end of Sept, and Give Kids the World; they were booked til middle of Dec, both which are too late for Dave’s little girl if the doctors are right. ANyways, we have the money and are sending them down soon. 🙂 Thanks though for putting your head together to see about doing some kind of fund raiser on the blog-I am glad we don’t have to worry about it now! Take care and I’ll “see ” you online. Again, thanks for trying to help!!!!

  3. I love it. I would take the compliment. I love the innocence of children and how they look on the world. Don’t you love how they see us. My kids thought I could sing when I put them to sleep – now I wouldn’t dare hum.

  4. LOL that little guy crack me up! waht would they say for a treat!!!! but he is very good at giving compliment hope that wont go away soon cause it’s always fun to be complimented!!!

    have a good day!

  5. Hi! I’m Debbie! Oh my gosh! How funny!! That reminds me of a time when my son was looking at a picture of me in my younger days- he said, “mom was that when you used to be prettier?” LOL! Have a great day!

  6. When we were dating S said casually as we were on a drive,”ya, you know guys should flatter girls, they like that.” I started laughing so hard(deep down it sorta made me question every compliment he’d ever given me though, not really). He has never lived that statement down at this house!

  7. Woggie says “MommyDaddy” when he sees any couple online or on TV. I only choose to hear him when he’s referring to someone attractive, rather than when he’s referring to Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper…